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My co-worker David went all-out on his Christmas lights this year.
They are choreographed to music - it's amazing!

& I attended a weight lifting competition one Saturday in October.
I briefly contemplated participating in such an event, but the emphasis should be on BRIEF!

I knew the guy in the center so we were cheering for him, and he won!!!


Thanks to our mutual friend Tammy Campbell, we met up with our new
friends Sa & Keith at the annual OKC Greek Fest - always a hit.

Here the kids show their dancing skills while we stuffed our faces.

Me with Sasha & Keith on the left, and the Greek church on the right. 
A great time was had by all!


Our buddies Luc & Cassy on Spouse Taxi Day
on the base at Wichita Falls


Eric's climbing partner Luc Gruenther won 
the intermediate level of a climbing competition
called 24 Hours of Horseshoe Hell.  

He & his partner climbed for 24 hours straight at 
Horseshoe Canyon ranch in Arkansas.  Here's a 
picture of a late-night climb using head lamps.


A flower in our back yard.



Mom came to town in October to teach one of the Life Skills classes at my church.
It went very well.  The next day we went shopping and out to lunch.  
We hope we helped our friend K have a fun birthday! 

Here Mom tries on a suit jacket she found that day.

Here's Bridget, K, Me, and Mom at Bellini's


These wise women answered tough questions at a "Just Us Girls" event in church in October.



Our friend Chad with new son Caleb Christopher Jolley.  
Born September 5 at 5:30 p.m. Amy & Chad are very proud.


Haydn Campbell Degen, born on Oct. 1st @ 2:15am
in Anchorage - treasured new daughter of Tammy & Jason


Interesting moth we saw in the back yard one night.
Check out the curled "nose" on the picture at right.



I saw this sunrise on the way to work one morning.

Mom was a bridesmaid for her good friend 
Mary (Barnett) Edgemon on August 11.  

Our Back Yard
    July 2007


Thai Friday



A big parade I attended in Midwest City
to celebrate the return of some of the 
amazing troops who had been serving 
for us all in Iraq.  It was really moving.



Our friends Steve & Kim invited us over for a cookout
one evening.  Here we are on a post-dinner walk through
their neighborhood.  We had a really great time.  



Our friend Richard Jackson turned 65 on the 11th.  Here we are at a party for him.
This is Richard, his wife Linda, and a grandson playing a song on the violin for him.




My Mom (Marcella Morton) won a national award for encouraging others 
to be fit. Mom and my sister Desirae went to Seattle for the award ceremony.  
The award was called, "Steps to a Healthier US"

Here is some of the press coverage of the award, you should check this out!

Muskogee Phoenix story, Muskogee Phoenix Editorial, Indian Country Today story

She was also covered in the two Westville newspapers but they do not have online links.  Way to go Mom!


The Callantines added on a nice new patio and fire pit.  
Here we are enjoying it with them on Saturday evening.  It was fun!





We saw this storm cloud on our way to Westville on May 11th.


This is our friend Stephanie Jackson
playing at the Edmond Arts Festival
on May 4.


These are shots of the Arts Festival in downtown OKC.
AIS gives us a 2 hour lunch each year to go enjoy it.  I really had a nice time during mine.


Here's a shot of the 'chow line' at a recent party at church.


These are some shots of the flowers in our yard this spring.


I went to a Michael W. Smith concert at Crossings with my friends Bruce & Marilyn
and their friend (who's name escapes me now!)




Here's Michael W. Smith in action.  We were very close to the front - 
thanks to Marilyn!








Mom, Dad, and Desirae sent flowers
to me at work one day.  Here I am
with them now.

These are before and after shots of when I got my hair cut off. 


It's even shorter than this now!



Here's Cameron with his son Bryson at a birthday
dinner we attended for Cameron at Irma's Burger Shack


Scenes from the wedding of our friends Thomas & Lorinda Goodman.
This is Thomas with Pastor Spike.


            The reception area - it was very nice.

Here we are delivering furniture one night for Rescue the Girls.
We had great help from Curt and his nephew David.

These pictures are from a pre-wedding dinner
for our friends Thomas & Lorinda.  



Here's the happy couple with Heather Clinkenbeard


Heather, Linda, Teresa, Eric G., and Richard
Angela is there too but you can't see her!

Josie Clinkenbeard

                                   Tremia & Dwayne Appling

A nice sunrise from one morning on my way to work.

A lunch with Mom one day in Bricktown when she was in town on a school trip.

Here Zack finds out that he didn't want 
to go outside as bad as he had imagined.



This is a scene of the giant ice drift
that collected by our back gate.  
It was waist high!  

Poor Eric had to dig it out so we could take
the trash out.


New Year's Eve dinner with Eric, Brandie, Todd, Callantines, Sarah, & Mark
We ate at Charleston's in Edmond.  Happy New Year!




This is me with my friend Jenellis on the right, and Shisheika & Trenden on the left.

Here we are at Kang's for Dragon Kim's Tae Kwon Do dinner


 Eric with some of his classmates



Here I am with friends Lorinda & Tammy at a Women's Retreat on December 1 & 2 


This is me with friends Melody & Niresha



This is a shot of the group - 140 women - during Praise & Worship, led by Natalie


This is a shot of the beautiful fountain behind the hotel.


My sister and I attended a Jason Boland concert on the 22nd.




Here Ron chooses a gift from our "Dirty Santa" gift-giving experience
 at work.  The owner of our company gave us really great gifts - it was fun.

I couldn't take any more pictures after this because I really liked
the gift I opened and I didn't want anyone to notice me and steal it!!



Here is a shot of the snow drifts on Thursday, Nov. 30.
It was over a foot deep on our front porch.


My beautiful Christmas cats - Zack (the black one) and Fuzz (the orange one)





My sister Desirae and I got to attend a Hootie & the Blowfish concert on the 18th.
I think this was my 5th time to see them, and Desirae's 2nd.

Here we are, post-Hootie.




Catherine Nixon came for a visit mid-month.  Here she is kicking back with us.



The November Novel Women meeting was at my house.  
Here we are cleaning up afterward.
It was a great time!




In October our church (Church of the Harvest) had an amazing conference called Momentum.
We had some really big name guest speakers, including Joyce Meyer, Duane Sheriff, and Tommy Barnett.  

This is a somewhat blurry shot of the praise & worship one night.


Here we have Pastor Kirk on the left, and yes - the pastor Spike to the right.


Here's a shot of Joyce Meyer, on our little stage.  
It's hard to imagine since I just saw her in St. Louis a
 month before this where she spoke to 17,000 women.


Some nice clouds I saw while kayaking on Lake Arcadia



Two shots of a recent sunrise in October '06



Here's a very dark picture of our friends Walter & Sabrena Vadai
Walter surprised her with a great party at church on her 50th birthday. 


 On September 17 we went camping with
 Luc & Cassy at Fort Sill.  Early the next
 morning we were woken by tornado warnings
 and rains that quickly produced flash foods.

 It's always an adventure with that crew!

On Wednesday Sept. 5 I attended
a Dave Alvin concert at the Blue Door
thanks to Eric's friend Charlie Willy.

I did not remember my camera so I
got this picture from the Blue Door
web site.


I was late to work one morning because I just had 
to pull over to take a picture of this amazing sunrise.





The night before the sunrise picture above, 
I took this after a run at Lake Arcadia.
God does nice work, doesn't he?!



Our church hosted a very fun Comic's Night Out on the 31st.
Here we are with friends Brandie, Todd, and K.       


Here I am with my friend Kim Shaw.  My mom and five
of her friends also attended.  The show was very funny.


Mom (Marcella Morton) and her buds were in town for a conference.  
They let me join them one night for an exciting shopping trip.

Note to self: do not venture into the lingerie department with this group again!!



We joined the Callantines at a Brooks & Dunn concert in late August.You'll have to take my word for it, but this is Brooks & Dunn.







This little sweetheart is my sister  
Desirae's new dog, Prissy Pants.



Not to be outdone in the cuteness department,
  Mom and Long Dog got involved as well.


We attended a cookout at Ron's where he fed us like kings.
Here Noel tells some tall tale to Robin and Evone. 




Here are Ron's friendly neighbors





  Here's where Ron's culinary magic happens.
  Mowen is providing emotional support.
  (Actually, if you stand out in the heat with him,
  he will give you free samples!) 


Every Tuesday night in July I help out with Youth Pastor Hospitality during youth camp
at our church.  Here's a scene of the spread before the hungry youth pastors devoured it.  


And here's the team who make it all happen: Me, Jennifer, Dea, Cindy, and Becky
(And thanks to Carol who opted to take the picture instead of being in it!)



One weekend in July when both of our husbands were out of town, my friend K and I decided to go out one Saturday night.  
Strangely enough (considering the men were not around) we went out for a football game and BBQ!  

We also saw a great show by Warren Barfield.  I forgot my camera so I 'pinched' these pictures from other sites.

Warren Barfield did an amazing show.
He is one of my very favorite artists.

I got this picture from

We were closer to the field but in the end zone.
There were some seriously rabid fans in that section!

I got this picture from the American Society of Safety Engineers


This was a locust that had just
 emerged from his shell on our back patio. 


These are scenes from the reception we had at church (Church of the Harvest)   
for the 25th wedding anniversary of our pastors - Kirk and Nancy Pankratz.


How many churches can say their pastors have a picture with Elvis?


This was a really amazing thing.  My cousin, Brent Morton (third from the left) had
this black bear show up in a tree in his yard one day.  He lives in town in Westville, OK
so it was a very strange place for a bear to choose to hang out.  The Fish & Wildlife guy 
(who taught me archery in the Women in the Outdoors event in March) came and 
tranquilized the bear - I heard it took several tries!  Then they relocated it to a new home.




Scenes from Todd Lannert's Memorial Day pool party
Here's Eric, trying out Todd's newly resurfaced pool.


Here Todd gets a little grilling help from Eric & Brandie and a lot of unwanted advice from the crowd.
I don't think Brandie is very impressed with the overall results!


Here are scenes of a great practical joke from work.

Our friend Noel was out of town so we took the opportunity to redecorate his office a bit.


Not a group to do things half-way - this is the contents of a drawer.
Needless to say, Noel was very pleased with our efforts when he returned.



Here's a shot of Kim Shaw finding a Geocache.
Thanks to Kim, Geocaching is a new hobby of mine.




AIS gives us a two-hour lunch in which to enjoy the annual
Festival of the Arts in downtown OKC.

Here's a shot of the entrance I took on my way in on Thursday April 27.



On Tuesday, April 25 we went to a great concert in Norman - 
Josh Bates, Nicole Nordeman, and Casting Crowns.
And we had 3rd row seats!


This was the drummer for Casting Crowns,
he was a show unto himself.


On Saturday, April 22nd we had a special guest at Church of the Harvest -
Reuben Morgan.  Reuben is with the Hillsong worship team from Australia.

We read that he has written more Top 25 
Worship songs than any other writer.
It was an honor to have him lead worship at our church.

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