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Two recent first ascents for Eric at Stone Hill

Eric on his first ascent of "Too Steep for Sleep"
at Stone Hill on May 3rd, 2022


Eric doing his first ascent of "Numb & Numberer" on October 24, 2021

Numb & Numberer on Mountain Project

Pictures from the climbing part of a day spent with Brad & Jennifer at Drive In Theater in Montana.

March 2019, a great day of climbing for the Erics (Harris & Casazza)


In late December 2018, Eric took a great climbing trip to Red Rocks Canyon
in Nevada with Eric & Kristin Harris.  Thank you Eric & Kristin for the wonderful pictures! 





You can always tell when Eric has been climbing with
Scott, we get some great photos out of the deal! 
These are from September 2018.


Eric with Crab Eyes in the background.  

Eric on a crack climb in the Wichtas.

Buddy made fast friends with our pal Scott.

 Buddy, having literally "crashed" after a day of climbing.




Here is another beautiful shot by our friend Scott on a good climbing day in the Wichitas, January 2018



Scott, Clara, and Eric on a fun day of climbing in the Wichitas



Eric, doing what he loves best

This is one of Eric's favorite pictures.  That's him on the left, and the shot includes 3 of the best climbing areas in the Wichita Mountains.  Thanks Scott for the great photos! 



The following four shots are scenes from a recent trip to Fern, AR.  This is Eric getting a first ascent on "Zero to Hero", belay by Jerry Barnett.


Photo credits and a big shout out goes to Kraig Koroleski, Eric's climbing buddy and friend.

I like to tease Eric that the most authentic  smiles he gives are seen during climbing trips.  
Am I right or what?!  

In Montana, there's an area called Point of Rocks
that is being developed, including a nice new guidebook.
Eric has enjoyed checking it out this summer.

Here is a link to some pictures taken there on a day
when we accompanied a group of students on a climbing trip.


One of Eric's new favorite climbing spots is in
Fern, Arkansas - being developed by his friend
Jerry Barnett.

Here is a YouTube Video of a recent trip there
taken by our friend Michael Gu.

Eric can be found at the bottom of the 
Photo Gallery on the FernClimbing.com site

Eric, climbing at Fern, AR
Photo taken by Michael Gu

Our friend Michael Gu took this creative shot of the water at Fern

Eric enjoying a gourmet camping breakfast after a night of camping at Fern, AR



, goofing off with our Chinese friends Simba & Rui  

Simba, Rui, and Eric

         Simba, Rui, and David - enjoying the day

 Simba at the top of a climb


A look at the Wichitas

Rusty & Ryan at Horseshoe Canyon Ranch

Eric on a great route at Horseshoe Canyon Ranch in Arkansas







 This might be where he pulled his hamstring.
That took about a month to heal! 



The Eyes Have it - photo by Luc Gruenther


Playing around on another
perfect 5.11 at Horseshoe
Canyon Ranch

Luc on Holy Hell 


Where's the holds?



The good times


Dreamboat Annie in the Wichitas


Catching Z's at HCR


Steve bolting a new route


Placing gear on Crack A Lo Lo


Posing and goofing at HCR

The end of a good day at Horseshoe Canyon Ranch

Kicking back at the cabins at HCR

Luc, Cassy, & Jess - the world's greatest climbing dog

Putting in a new route in the Wichitas

Luc - on Arial Anticipation


A 5.9 crack in the Wichitas


Placing gear

Cool hand Luc

5.10 crack at Elk Slabs in the Wichitas



Eric's, "I'm happy to be alive" face




On the third pitch of Bear's Reach
with Luc in California at the Lover's Leap climbing area

The first bolt on "Lost my Religion"
5.12b in the Wichitas

Crab Eyes in the Background

Nearing the top of "Lost my Religion"

Side view of Eric mid-climb


Eric on a tricky crack
climb at Quartz Mountain

Steve, at Quartz - climbing 'till the sun is gone

Luc, running up a route


Those don't look like very good holds!

Eric - hanging on to a couple of crimpers

A buddy making a crazy leap



A jaunt up "Frosted Flakes" on Echo Dome, Wichitas in late 2006
Photos by the famous Cam Hogan


Here's a link to some pictures 
of a climbing trip to the Wichitas

And of another Wichitas trip in August 04




The following three pictures are 
from our trip to Tucson in March '04.

Eric, back home in Montana, climbing at Stone Hill - 15 miles outside of Eureka.  Photo taken by Jeb Casazza.  June 2000
Eric (you can barely see him up near the top) on a climb in the Wichita National Wildlife Refuge in Western Oklahoma. 


Eric doing a "mono" (holding himself up by one finger) when climbing near Istanbul in Turkey.  July 2000

At Lake Lincoln in Arkansas - Eric's main haunt when we lived in Oklahoma. 
Now Eric has to go to Austin to climb.  This is him on Seismic Wall in October 2000.

This is Eric climbing at Reimers Ranch, 30 miles outside of Austin.  November 2000.

Sasha - one of Eric's climbing buddies. 
Eric fondly calls him the "crazy Russian."

On a trip to Enchanted Rock with Lucas & Kristi Casazza. 
  This is Eric on a trip to Enchanted Rock State Park in Feb. '03 This is a picture Eric took of one of his climbing buddies
  This is Eric's good friend Pete, also at E Rock And here's Eric again on the same trip
Here are shots of Pete & Dougal at Enchanted Rock in May '03
Wichitas with Luc February 2008
 A view of the difficult crack climb at Eric's new spot. Luc at the top.

Eric - climbing trees, rocks -  whatever you.