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My sweet husband got me a treadmill for Christmas.
(I asked for one, he didn't just give me one as a hint or anything!!)

I cut some holes in the big box that it came in and 
made an awesome cat house out of it.  




Here they take the "his" and "hers" sides of the bed while 
I labor to put the treadmill together from approximately 2,000 parts.



Here Ellie & I enjoy the Christmas lights in Bricktown on a fairly warm December evening.
We had just enjoyed a nice meal at "In the Raw" sushi - a great evening!


Here we are at Calvary Chapel of OKC's Christmas Dirty Santa party.
We had a HUGE crowd this year, I think it was almost 50 people!



Here Greg shows off the Nerf pistol he got to the people who had
stolen his Nerf rifle.  (They ended up with both guns!!)



This is how Rocket helps me decorate the Christmas tree.
See how the lights shine through his tubby belly?

This is how Rocket helps me wrap gifts, by 
stretching out the box I was about to use.
It's like a public service.


This is how Feisty helps me put up the Christmas tree.


This is how Feisty helps me wrap Christmas gifts.  She has a heart to help!


I've been trying to re-learn the piano, but each time
I try to practice, I feel like I'm a lifeboat in a shark-infested sea.



Here we are!  This is most of the gang of "regulars" that did the 6am spin class with Peter
Monday, Wednesday, and Friday each week at Aspen Athletic for years.  
Most of us are now at Pacer.



Enjoying Ethopian food with my buddy Ellie in November 2011



Psycho Shawnna with Lovely Ally
enjoying Korean Day at OCU



Mom with her running buddies at a race in Jay on a very chilly morning in October '11



Lovely lunch with Candice at the Art Museum



We had the joy of introducing Wei & Jaiyi to the game of baseball one night at a Redhawks game


 Here Eric tries valiantly to explain the many rules of the game.



Rocket is not much of a snuggler,
but he made an exception on this day.



Feisty is beautiful to me, but
it is hard to get a good picture
of her.  This one comes close.


My sister Desirae managed to capture the 
essence of both cats' personalities in one shot.


In mid-September we moved from our beloved old home to a 
newer place which we also really enjoy in the city.

Here, Rocket helps with the packing.


Some great friends of ours from church put in a LONG day of moving us.
Here we enjoy a brief rest while we enjoy some lunch.




Here Feisty enjoys the little house 
that Rusty & Cody gave them as a gift.

Here Rocket is not pleased at having to wait his turn in the house.


Desirae & I got to spend an evening together
shopping when she was in town on business.

Here I find a new friend that I just had to buy.



As a child, my favorite stuffed animal wore a hat just like this. 
 I felt like a real train conductor for a moment there! 



Ellie & I enjoyed a great sushi dinner together one night in September - we ordered the boat! 



July was so hot, we rarely peeped out.
One day we tried the Cowboy Hall of Fame but the inside was overly 
air-conditioned, and the lovely garden and park area was miserably hot.  Sadness.



Burmese traditional dancers at a picnic celebrating World Refugee Day



Here's my attempt at Korean sushi,
also known as Kim Bob.  It was good!

Reince Priebus, chairman of the 
Republican National Committee.

He gave a talk in mid-June 
which I was able to attend.



Paseo Art Walk with Ally, Emily, and Sean

A sun-blinded Emily showing off the beautiful
hair band she just got for getting such good grades.

Are these two cute or what?!



 For the past couple of months, I have been blessed to be able to work from home 3 days a week.
Let me tell you, it is awesome.  Usually the cats go off somewhere and sleep all day, but sometimes
they decide to hang out with me.  On this day my lap and my reference materials were particularly attractive. 


My Inbox is so full of urgent 
matters, how will I ever get 
it all done?  :-)

I grew this myself!  





When softball-sized hail was predicted one evening, we decided we'd rather not have Eric's
windshield knocked out.  My clever husband managed to get both cars in our one-car garage.  

I'm not even sure if there was a full inch of room on this side!]



He had to get in and out of his truck "Dukes of Hazzard"-style


We spent a wonderful evening doing a cookout with 4 friends at Lake Arcadia one evening.
Below you see some 'wildlife' who decided to hang with us, and a big storm cloud that was brewing for someone to our east.

Scott, Michelle, Eric, Melanie, and Ankur

Ellie made me Kim Bob one night 
for dinner - it's like Korean sushi and
is eaten very commonly in Korea.

It was great!!




Our friend Svetlana's son Nikita graduated from Nursing School in May.
We attended a very nice graduation party for him which included a "champagne bath" - he was a great sport. 

Dinner at 105 Degrees with Ellie




OKC was in the middle of a terrible and very long drought when I went to visit my parents 
in Westville and saw they were in the middle of terrible floods.  They had rain every day for nearly a month.

My parents' front yard - and this is one of the highest
points in Westville.


This is a moto-cross track beside the Illinois River.
Well, it's usually beside the river.  
For a week or so it was IN the river. 

Here's a picture of glare.
Oh, yeah, and my friends: 
Ellie, Emily, Ally, and Sean

We're at Moe's for dinner.
"Welcome to Moe's!"  



Baby shower for Joan & Bryan - this crowd is mostly 
made up of hot yoga students and teachers.  
Joan continued to practice up until her due date.

Desirae's dog "Prisser" was a
pampered indoor dog before Desirae
got married.  Now she's a cow dog.
(OK, maybe she just looks at the cows
from the safety of the truck cab.) 




The much-loved Pastor Chuck Smith visited our church this spring and we were very honored to meet him.
  What a wonderful spirit he has - amazingly positive and loving to everyone. 

Pastor Ken with Pastor Chuck


Scenes from an outing in Tulsa with Desirae & Mom.  
Did I mention that Mom is always game for trying on a funny hat?  She's a lot of fun.


The robins have returned, our fruit trees are in bloom,
the Panseys are must be Spring!!


If there's a gym bag left open anywhere in the house, 
Rocket will wedge himself into it and then hope like crazy
that someone will come along and touch it so that he can attack.


Look at my artistic style on this shot.  I capture one cat in deep
thought and another in a deep stare in the mirror.  Yes, I'm getting good at this.
If only it wasn't all out of focus and crooked...


Barbara, Brad, me, and Amanda at The Spero Project food pantry.
A whole group of us from work volunteered there for a few hours one day, it was fun.

My Mom is always a lot 
of fun when there's a 
strange hat to be tried on.





Rocket pulls out all the stops for the 'cutest cat in the house' award.


I put one of Eric's t-shirts on the desk behind my computer monitors.
It is apparently better than any high-dollar cat bed as a sleeping spot.

Eric receiving some good-natured kidding
and his School of Ministry graduation certificate
at our church, Calvary Chapel of OKC.

This was taken from the back of the church
with my phone, so pardon the poor quality.



I had my friends Eron & Lindsey over for dinner one night.
Rocket decided that ponytails were one of the best cat toys ever!



Ellie with a chocolate-covered 
strawberry on an evening that  
we went out for dinner together.



This is the meat department at the Wal-Mart Super Center right 
before the second ice storm in two weeks was predicted to hit.  
It looked like the end of the world.


This shows a drift in front of our neighbor's house
that covers his little evergreen trees to the top.

This is our front storm door all covered in ice.


A big snow drift filled our whole driveway.



Here's a shot Mom sent of Mom & Dad out goofing 
around in the snow in the trail wagon.  They
had Long Dog with them at the time, of course! 



Once sworn enemies, these two are starting to warm up to one another.
Here they are just waking up from a nap, notice the entwined front legs. 




We enjoyed a lovely Korean dinner at the home of our new
friends Ally, Emily, and Sean Bae on January 4th.  It was great!


Here Eric teaches Sean some stretching techniques




We enjoyed a short but sweet visit from our good friends the Chodzkos on January 1.
What a great way to start the year!  



If you'd like to see the old pictures visit the Archives: "Archive 2016-2017"
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