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This is PJ & Heather opening their wedding gift from us - 
a set of beer glasses that say "Perfetta's Tavern."
They promised to toast us each time they use them. 





This is Mia Robinson -

Scott & Dina's daughter

Pictures from my trip home
July 11 - 13, 2003

Me & Desirae, posing with Gran.  
And no, we didn't mean to dress alike!


    Here's Mama Kitty, up on her throne.


This is me with our friend Duncan. He was over from the Aberdeen office. 
We had a nice dinner and a great visit out on the porch. 
Poor Duncan, who is used to cooler climates, was a   
great sport about sitting outside in the heat with us!


matchbox twenty concert

I snagged this off the internet, it looks just
like the show I saw with a friend in Houston 
where they wouldn't allow cameras


Here are two sexy wenches - 

my Mom, Marcella  & 

my sister, Desirae


Scenes from a recent happy hour at Sam's Pub.  Thanks to Mark Olsen for organizing it!  



Here we are, celebrating Megan & Tammy's
birthday with a cookout at PJ & Heather's house





  This is the gang at a recent happy hour at Big John's Ice House


Everyone had a great time playing
this competition trivia game.  Two
teams from our group won cash prizes!

Why am I not surprised that this
group is good at bar games?



Here's a picture of our friend Stacie with her boyfriend EJ.
We've all heard about him, but this is our first sighting!



On Dec. 13th, I took my friend Ingvar out for a night on the town.
He just moved here from Norway and wanted to tour the nightlife.

Here he is, counting this strange looking money / A shot of the two of us at dinner at Tila's.
Ingvar had his first Margarita there and loved it!


This is a shot of the two of us with the Houston skyline behind us, and a shaky shot of the skyline itself. 
These were taken at the Sky Bar from one of the patios.  We also went to the Hub, the Mercury Room / Boaka Bar,
and Club M (used to be Prague - it's open again!)  It was a quick tour, but now he knows about the fun spots.


  Here's me and Gran at home in
Westville during Thanksgiving


Here's a recent picture of me
all "gussied up" in a suit.  It
doesn't happen that often, so
we had to document it!

  Ron Morrison's Retirement Party  -  30 Years with Phillips!   

This is Ron's wife Margaret leading the presentation part of the evening

This is the crowd looking on as Ron's family gave him a hard time



He's ba-ack!  Here we are out at the Baker Street Pub
on Thursday 11/7 - celebrating the return of our old
friend Ritchie Wayland. 

He got sent home to the UK last December, but the
authorities must have caught up with him so they
deported him back to Houston.



Here PJ opens a belated birthday gift from us.
It was a dirty trivia game, but it turned out to
be a bit lame.  Oh well, it's the dirty thoughts
that count!


Mark Lytle's going-away party at Charlie's BBQ


Part of the gang at Mark's party

I got a new digital camera that's the size of a saltine cracker.
It's as cute as can be, but has no flash and is hard to hold still.
As you can see, I'm still getting used to it.



To anyone who has lived in Houston, this is an amazing sight.
This is Highway 59, mid-day on a Saturday.  It's so unreal.
This highway is always packed, but there was
construction which had most on-ramps closed. 
We felt creepy, like it was end-times or something.


   Eric at Greek Fest, in the food line


More shots of Greek Fest...
Brian Caldwell                                         Me                                Marlo & Martin


These are two of my friends from Norway,
Elisabeth & Kurt.  This picture was used
in a national ad regarding the merger. 

Shots of a going-away party for Sean Nguyen -
he has since moved to Stavanger, Norway

This is Sean with his fiancée Aimee 




These are pictures from the
Houston Chronicle taken at
the Lyle Lovett, Bonnie Raitt
concert we attended recently.
It was a great show, thanks
David Burge for organizing it.

We sat behind the Chronicle
music critic Michael Clark &
tried to decipher his notes.



Here's a shot of my cats,
doing what they do best


Ryan & Kari were nice enough to have
us over one night for dinner - it was great!


One of many Sundays spent by the pool with good friends




This is Hugh, Tom, and Eleanor Beeley in Norway
Amy went to visit them in May and shared this picture with me

This was Amy's Rugby team in a recent tournament in Las Vegas -
The Texas Red-Headed Sluts.  They were very popular with the fans,
"Go Sluts!"


Out to the Laff Stop comedy club with friends


Preparing to leave for an Astros 
game with the Parkers.  Doug is
trying to act stern at me for taking
pictures.  It's not easy for him!

  A night out after meeting some Conoco people for a happy hour


The Parkers joined us for dinner on our patio on Friday, May 31 - nice night!




Here we are golfing with Tammy Campbell and Chris Holien (and a 'gator!)


On Friday, May 3 we had PJ, Heather, 
 and Tammy over to play cards.

The card games were followed by the 
ever-popular drunken Tae Kwan Do


Amy's boyfriend Dan came in to visit on Wednesday, May 1 so we all went out to Rice Village to welcome him.  

Out to dinner at Basil's Cafe with Pat & Heather        
Here we are at International Fest - April 21     
This is Tammy & Heather at the Henna Tatoo stand
Steve and PJ, chillin out while they wait for us to shop
We ran into our good friend Rene, so I had to snap a picture

The gang is down in the bottom right corner, 
we're watching Asleep at the Wheel

Scenes from another fun crawfish boil at Garden in the Heights

We all got toe rings. Well, the girls did anyway.


  Landmark Outing

These are my old (and new) friends from Landmark - we had a good time catching up on each other and all the gossip. 


Me & Mom with some freaky shadow thing going on behind us

Mom's Visit

Here's Mom with Zack on a rare adventure into the outdoors (rare for the cat, not for Mom!!)

Ken May, Terri Thomason, and Amy Jones at our
"This sure beats work" lunch - Wednesday March 27.
It was a big crawfish boil at Garden in the Heights.  Lots of fun!!

  Scenes from a get-together with old
New Orleans friends at the Gingerman

Here's Hugh with his new pet

Eric, being a cat bed.  Aren't they cute?!!


 I recently bought new furniture which Eric insists was purchased for the use of our cats.  They do love it!

Speaking of cute, this little girl is adorable

  To the left is a (professional) shot of the Dixie Chicks
I went to see them at the opening night of Rodeo Houston.
Tuesday, Feb. 12 - with Heather Rosenstein and her friends
Tim & Tonya. 

Don't ask what was going on with my neck in this picture, I have no idea.


These are shots from the second time I went to the Rodeo, Thursday Feb. 21st.  We saw ZZTop and they rocked!

Calf Scramble

  Our rodeo group for the evening:
Ryan, Kari, & Amy
Amy's friend Brian joined
us later in the evening.
It was fun!



Here are a few shots of Eric and Martin at the Texas Rock Gym

  Here we are enjoying a sunny lunch at Niko Niko's with Pat, Heather, and Kari.


Scenes from Oktoberfest in the Heights - fun time!

  This is my sister Desirae and I with our friend John Ray.  We are at our very favorite store - Cheap Thrills in Fayetteville, AR.
Hockey Night
Amy got us hooked up with free tickets to a Houston Aeros game - cool!  So Amy Jones, Tammy Campbell, Heather Rosenstein and I went out for a sushi dinner and watched hockey one night after work.  We had one of those nights where you laugh and laugh until you hurt. It was a blast!
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