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The Blue Star Mothers packing day where we packed Valentine's Day boxes for the troops.


"Mullet Valentino" and friends - part of a skit during
a marriage retreat at our church, Calvary Chapel of OKC



Beautiful items made by my friend Doaa and I
during a craft night one weekend.




 One beautiful Wednesday afternoon in January
I took a half day vacation for some kayaking.

It was very nice, but unfortunately, within an hour of my
 taking this shot I had injured my back while working out.  Ouch!



 Eric the sawyer - cutting a huge limb in our front yard



Our new friend Levi Chavez
on his first climb with Eric in the Wichitas




My big accomplishment for February was running
the Frigid Five - a five mile race in Edmond on Valentine's Day.

Eric drove all the way to north Edmond to see me cross the finish line.




Caroling with my church at a care center in Bethany



Romeo & Juliet set in war-time Japan





Me with my friend Doaa and her brother Omar
at the Henderson Hills Baptist church Christmas program



Me & E at the GHK Christmas Party



Our friend Cameron graduated from Physician's Assistant
school at OU - Cam was class president!

Here we are with our friends Van & Trang Tran


Jupiter, Venus, & the Moon were very close together
on December 1 - here is my blurry attempt at photographing it.


On November 16 our church, Calvary Chapel of OKC, had
a flag football game - young against old.  (I won't mention which team Eric was on!)

Here you can see he's still got some of his moves.  For the record, he caught this pass.


One Friday night we attended a bon fire at my friend
and co-worker Ron's house.  This is all you can see of the group around the fire.

Scenes from the award ceremony for the AIS 
chili cook-off contest.  It was very close, but Larry won.



Here he is with his major award.

Here David shows off the contraption that helped 
put him back together after the "chainsaw incident." 


 Some of us at church got together to help a new member
with some chores as they were moving into their home.




Here I helped the Blue Star Mothers prepare for the big Christmas pack.


A scene from the Diwali presentation at the Oklahoma City University 



On Saturday the 8th I went to a cookout with the Callantines at Lake Arcadia.
Here, a damp Baxter & Bentley stare intently at "the finger of discipline."


Are the brats done yet?!!

They honestly did not taste burnt.

On Friday night, November 7th, I went out for the evening with my international friend Doaa.
We went to a Lebanese bake sale (pictured above) and to one of my favorite restaurants, The Garden, in Edmond.
We had a really nice time, I am sorry I did not take a picture of her!

This is a shot of a lovely flower in our back yard.


 This was a float our next-door neighbor Nita built for 
her office to use in a Halloween parade.  She did a great job!



On October 24th, our good friends
Nathan & Stacie (Gibbons) Blythe
were married at their home in Houston.



We are very happy for them and also
happy that they shared the pictures with me!


I took a half day vacation on Friday, October 17
to do some kayaking.  It was great!



Scenes from a quilting bee I recently attended at my church, Calvary Chapel of OKC.



The ladies of our church make a quilt for
every new baby.  This one will be for 
Juliana, new daughter of our friends Kevin
and Larissa.

Here Larissa gets way more help than she bargained for!

The proud mama with the finished quilt top.





This is a pic from one Saturday morning when I volunteered
with Blue Star Mothers of Edmond to pack goodie boxes for the troops.



They recently finished a new highway interchange near our house.
Now they are painting the wall decorations.  I am not sure why
I took a picture of it, but here it is in case you are interested.



This is a picture of our friend Luc (the lower person in the orange helmet)
as he climbs The Nose on El Capitan in Yosemite National Park.
Rock on Dude!  (Inside joke)



Here Eric opens our Vietnamese take-out containers
on our deck with Luc & Cassy Gruenther.


In late September I got to attend a seminar in Tulsa
called, "Get Motivated."  It was great anyway, but also 
because my mom, sister, and brother in law got to attend as well.

Here is General Colin Powel - the main reason
I attended was to hear this great man speak.

Here is Joe Montana.  He seems like a great guy,
but made a better quarterback than public speaker.


This is a picture of Dorinda, her aunt Pat, 
her cousin J.P., and J.P.'s son Luke.
I got to spend a very pleasant afternoon with them 
one day in September.


My beautiful Zack


Here's my Mom and her buddies - in town for a conference.


This shows Eric up in a tree in front of our new house.
He did an amazing amount of tree trimming when we first moved in.


Here we had our first visitor to our new house,
my sweet sister Desirae.


This was a Sara Groves concert which was really great.


Here's Eric doing his belay thing at 
the Calvary Chapel OKC 4th of July picnic.



One Saturday in June Ron had some folks
over for a great cookout and some cool-off time in the pool.


A good time was had by all.  We even got a talent show
demonstration from Mowen on the trampoline.


 Since we couldn't be with our own dads on Father's Day, we
crashed Tom Thomas' Father's Day celebration - it was great!

 Tim, Della, Gracie, Tom, and Laurel Thomas


One Sunday in June we went to Riverfest
in OKC and saw the water ski show.


Kayak Demo Night at Lake Hefner


The demo night got taken over by an outfitter, so I took off on my bike for an evening ride.
Below is a picture of the sunset over the Lake Hefner golf course.


Eric, balancing on the top
of the fence while doing
chain saw work.  Because
ladders are for wusses.


 Mom ran the half (13.1 miles) at OKC Memorial 
Marathon on April 27.  She did great!  I'm proud of her.



AIS gives us a 2 hour lunch to enjoy the Arts Festival each year.

 My friend Jonathan Cigary played on the first day so Eric, Lisa, and I went to enjoy the show.

 Eric & Lisa in the crowd


On Saturday the 19th I participated in a cleanup day
at Lake Overholser.  Here's a picture of the nice area that I worked on first.
It's a "before" shot but I forgot to take the "after." 

This family was very nice to me that day.
Isn't this a precious shot?

One of the many trucks of 
trash we filled that day.

My friend Shisheika Swan graduated on Friday, April 18
from Vatterott College with a Medical Office Assistant degree.
She worked so hard for this - I'm very proud of her!

Celebrating with her sisters 

And with her boyfriend and their new baby




Through our church, I helped to recruit students for a training program called Project MOVES.
It is a great program that gives young people training for great jobs in Advanced Manufacturing.

I got to visit the class twice this spring and really enjoyed getting to know the students. 
They are so bright and have such a great future ahead of them.  Here some of them pose for me in the classroom.
Pictured are: Patrick, Josh, John, and DeAnn



A brooding but nice sunrise I saw on my way to work in April


Eric and I attended a very nice event for Dana Murphy on the 8th of April.
There was a dinner plus music by 'Beyond Chance' and 'The Gospel Guitar Guys' - who were a hoot.
Dana also gave a speech which I thought was very good.  We were especially excited to 
see our friends Kyle & Mona there.  It was a really nice night.

Here's Dana telling us her
qualifications - and there are many!


Here's Eric with friends Kyle & Mona

Here, Zack enjoys some spoiling from Eric one Saturday morning.

GHK - Eric's company, always does a big thing
for the annual Redbud Classic race.  Here Eric advises the 
Lamunyons that she should not have the baby during the race.


After the race they treat us to a first-class 
meal on the beautiful patio at Bellini's.  It was nice!



Here Zack gets to visit the great
outdoors and seems quite pleased with it.


On Saturday the 5th we met the Callantines at Lake Arcadia
for a cookout.  Here Jackson & Bentley are rearing to go.


On the morning of Saturday, April 5th we took a skeet shooting class
at the Oklahoma City Gun club.  It was fun, although we found out we aren't crack shots.


 Mom & her work gang came to town for a conference at the first of April.
Here I am with Mom and another shot of Mom with her "sister" Linda Baker.


Here's our sweet Zack in his "love nest"




While Eric went climbing, I spent a very nice Easter
with the Callantines, who kindly included me in their Easter dinner.

<Group photo removed>

Here I caught the beautiful sisters 
Kara & K having a big laugh.

These girls are fun company!


Our good friend Martin Beck & his sweet wife Tonnie 
produced this beautiful baby girl on March 19th - Leila Grace Beck


Eric and I went to the driving range
on March 22nd because the weather
was so beautiful and we wanted to see
if we could still swing a club after 5 years.


Me & friend K went to the Matchbox Twenty concert on March 2nd.
Here I do a bad job at taking a self-portrait of us.  A tornado passed over
the Ford Center while we were there and they didn't even mention it to us!



I got this picture from our good friends the Bramwells.
They are Brits who now live in Norway.  We miss them!



I know some of my friends who live in non-oil towns might not have 
pump jacks in the parking lot of their mall, so I thought I should capture it.


We got a foosball table at work.
This has pretty much been the
scene at the office ever since. J/K!

Mom brought a group of kids to OKC
on a field trip. and let me join them  
for lunch at Chelino's on Feb. 13th  

I love capturing the beautiful sunrises
that I so often see on the way to work.

My dear co-workers decided to 
redecorate my office one day while
I was at lunch with this very tasteful
giant Miller Lite snow globe. 

It was lovely and hardly made 
a terrible racket at all.

On Friday the 1st I was fortunate
enough to attend a rally for Mike
Huckabee.  He gave an excellent
talk, I'm really glad I was able to go.

I like Mike!

Mike giving his talk.
The crowd at Coach's.  I sat with my friend Bobby during the rally.

Mike played a song with the band.

Then he shook hands and visited with the crowd for a long time.


Here Eric and I enjoy a warm day 
by taking a walk a Lake Arcadia

When we were about to take this picture facing the other way, 
I said, "Iont the water highness." Eric immediately translated
the statement from hick into "I want the water behind us."


Isn't he cute?


Black Belt Camaraderie

These fun guys came over for lunch and hanging out in the 
hot tub after a particularly grueling workout one Saturday. 



Here we are out to dinner at Zio's with friends
before the George Strait concert on Jan. 11th

Here's a grainy shot
of George himself.

He did so many songs!
It was a really good show.



This was the sunrise on my way to work on Wednesday, January 2nd 2008


We spent part of the first day of '08 at the lovely Hafer Park.


Scenes from the Baby Dedication at church on Sunday the 23rd

Sorry these are blurry, I was sitting far away.



I took these by taking a picture of the big projector screen.



A dark, blurry shot from the annual TKD
Christmas party at Kang's in Edmond on the 21st.



Scenes from a quick shoot one Friday afternoon at the 
Oklahoma City Gun club, of which I am a new member. 





I pulled over on the way to work on Thursday the 20th to take this shot.


Our good friends the Callantines went with us to a Jami Smith Christmas concert
at Crossings Community Church on Wednesday the 19th.  She is so amazingly talented.


Scenes from the "somewhat-annual" Godsey Christmas party on Tuesday the 18th. 


 Laine & Nancy with the tree



Our office organized the opportunity to go to the City Rescue Mission homeless
shelter to help serve lunch on three different days. Three of us from AIS worked with 
a team from Best Buy on the 13th.  It was a great experience.






Scenes from a shower for Shannon & Dionne's second daughter.
Here's S'yriah, Kelly, and Dionne.

Dionne & Shannon opening gifts and having a laugh. 

Me with my very good friend Shisheika


S'yriah with Beth's amazing daughter Samantha



Scenes from the graduation ceremony for the 10 girls who completed the one-year training program.
Here they are pictured on stage with Pastor Kirk, Pastor Nancy, director Nicole Crain, and their mentors.
I am very proud of them - they worked so hard!

Here we prayed for the graduates for the 
great futures they have in store for them.

Fun & games at the graduation party.


A picture of David's dog taken
at a Christmas party at his house.
She doesn't normally have one
glowing eye, that was my expert 
photography that added this effect.


These are scenes from a very nice outing in Guthrie, OK 
which we attended thanks to Womack Financial Advisers.
This is Greg Womack speaking below.


Me in the Pollard theater before the play.
We think the guy behind me may have been the 'phantom snorer.'

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