Shawnna's Interests & Hobbies
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My car & my kayak - ready for action


  I am almost always listening to audio books.  I subscribe to a site called where I download audio books.  It's a wonderful thing.  







Quilting is a new hobby I picked up in the fall of 2015.
I have been on a quilting frenzy since then.  I've made a 
page to collect pictures of my creations

A true computer geek, most of the things I do for fun are all at my PC.  I work on this web site, copy and repair old family photographs, things like that.

I also like to sew, knit, embellish clothing and make jewelry.  Otherwise, I like to work in the yard - planting flowers and building new flower beds.


I like to exercise, I'd better like it - I do it all the time!  I'm always on a quest to get rid of some of my gym memberships, but so far I can't turn loose of any of them.



When in Montana, we attend Kootenai Christian Fellowship.  It is a wonderful little church that made us feel right at home from our first visit. 

We attend Calvary Chapel of OKC in Bethany, OK.
It is a great church full of caring people and solid Bible teaching.  We are very happy there.

From January 2004 to June of 2008 we attended the Church of the Harvest in OKC. It is a very active church with amazing music and world-class summer youth camps.

From February 2002 to July of 2003 we attended Lakewood Church.  They had awesome music and the message was always uplifting. 
Before 2002 we mostly attended bars and happy hours, but
we found that wasn't working out so well.  Things are MUCH better now!