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This is our new house in Montana as of November 2014.

It is in Eureka, MT - Eric's home town.
This is the far northwest corner of Montana,
very close to Canada and somewhat close to Idaho.


This is the barn

This is a more close-up view of the entry. 

A shot of the front entry

A view of the living room 

The laundry room / mud room - very 
handy since there's plenty of mud!

Looking out the living room windows 

  Dining room and kitchen

The stairway up to Eric's loft office 


Eric's office back when it was empty


 The powder room 

The master bedroom 

Views of the master bath and shower area

Master bath and closet

My office - it's all view!

A photo mural I put on my office wall 

Our eating porch, just off the kitchen & dining area.  The cats and I practically live out here, it is paradise! 



Our sleeping porch, it's just barely big enough
but is gets the job done.  What a great place
to spend the night!
My sewing room - one of my favorite parts of the house! 
That amazing quilt on the wall is one of my Gran's beautiful creations. All hand pieced and hand quilted.
The lovely sliding doors in the sewing room.


Slide them open to reveal a HUGE closet complete with great shelves. The coffee bar located just off the gym room.
Views of the gym room from two angles. It is a GREAT space for working out, complete with rubber flooring.
Guest room #1 Guest room #2, decorated with one of my Gran's quilts.

Views of the house during construction 



What an amazing blessing!