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Here's a slightly blurry shot of Mom's new cute cat.


Her official name is Chloe, but she will forever be known by 
the name Waldo at the Morton house.  This is because she
can be a bit skittish and is an excellent hider, so the first week
they had her Mom was always saying, "Where's Waldo?"

Case in point: 



The AIS Christmas party was HUGE as we've grown over 50% in the past year.
We played games, ate good food, and received gifts - a good time was had by all.


Here my ever-helpful Rocket assists as I wrap some gifts.

This is a shot of Rocket in action, pouncing
on Feisty as he does approximately 237 times per day.





This is a shot of Rocket inaction, 
which is how he spends the rest of his time.


Our lights this year - I'm so excited!  I have wanted a lighted cross for years but they are
very expensive to buy.  My Dad helped me make this one instead and now it means so much more.




This year I had more help than ever with putting up the tree, 
but mysteriously it took me three times as long to finish it.  

The cats agree that the tree is by far the best toy I've provided so far.



The tree skirt was a big hit as a napping spot...

Feisty agrees, it makes for great naps!

Thanksgiving in Westville was a great time.
Here's a picture of Dad (Leon), Gran (Wanda), me, and Uncle Larry.


Desi finds a friend at Sam's on black Friday


On November 20th Mom treated Desirae & I to the 
traveling Broadway show, "Wicked" in Tulsa.  Here we are
doing a little shopping to get warmed up before the big event.

This is a picture I found on the internet of the show, 
Desirae & I hadn't liked the book but the show was very good.


On November 12-14 I was blessed to get to sell my 
"Memorize Scripture - On the Go!" product at the 
Calvary Chapel ladies' conference in Dallas, TX.

Here I am with the other CCOKC attendees after the conference ended.
Sherry, LaRhonda, Amy, Tammy, and Me 



Ellie invited me to Korean Culture Day at OCU
on November 9th and it was a great experience.
Here's a shot of the great food I enjoyed.


Notice how I took care to match the 
tablecloth.  Actually I just wear this color a lot! 

A lady playing a traditional Korean instrument.


The traditional Korean dress was not all that flattering, 
but I can see how it would be very comfortable!
I don't know this girl, they just wanted her in all the pictures. 



Eric's oldest brother Larry came to town for work in early November
so we got to enjoy his company for a few days.  We had a really great time with him.
Here they are thinking hard about something on the iPhone. 



The owner of Eric's company was inducted into the Oklahoma Hall of Fame
on November 4th.  Here we are in black tie clothes attending the event.


I'm a big fan of Warren Barfield, so Eric indulged me
by attending a marriage seminar in Moore because 
Warren was going to do some songs there.  He was great.


This is a shot of our annual neighborhood Oktoberfest cookout.
It was nice but we enjoy our random visits with neighbors on our 
nightly walks a little more. 



On a particularly warm October evening, Eric and I decided to 
go to Lake Arcadia to have our dinner around the fire by the lake. 
It was very nice. 



I had a $50 gift certificate to use at 105 Degrees, a raw food restaurant that I love.
My friend Lisa was willing to help me enjoy the experience, boy, did we ever have a nice time. 


My friend Ellie and I attended the Heritage Hills home tour in 
mid-October and really enjoyed ourselves.  


My Mom and her friend Linda were in town for Encyclomedia so it's a tradition
that we spend each evening shopping until we're exhausted.  We brought Ellie along
one night so she could get in on the action too.  This is Ellie, Linda, and Mom. 


Due to some lost fights on Rocket's part that led to 
outrageous vet bills, our cats are now indoor-only cats.
Here, Eric helps them watch for invader cats out the window.

A rare shot of both cats near each other without them being locked in battle. 


Eric decided to remove our dead pine tree one evening after work in September.


The proud sawyer surveys another job well done.
His brothers are so going to give him a noogie when they see his electric chain saw.



One evening we had a big storm and afterward
the sky was really orange and had a beautiful rainbow.



This shows how the cats supervised all the work that went on
to repair the hail damage on our house.  They were very diligent.


Do you think he preferred life as a hungry stray?
It's hard to tell if he is happy. 
Mom made a "Talking Tom" video that called 
the cats.  Feisty was totally captivated by it!




This shows Rocket's rather large pink belly
and Feisty's rather large eyes.
They're "special" kitties but we love them dearly.

A dark but pretty shot of Rocket


My sister Desirae visited one Sunday evening
on her way to a week of training. We had a great time!



Mom & I celebrated her birthday early because I won't be home at the right time.
Here I show my "crafty" sister that I can be handy with paper crafts too.  Aren't you jealous Desirae?! :-)


Here Mom reads her card before opening her gifts.

When Mom first arrived we began her visit by taking Rocket to the animal emergency room.  (He's OK now.)
Then she met my friend Eron and watched me get a massage (I did offer to let her take my place!) 
Then we had surprise late-night visitors (neighbors who had locked themselves out.)
The next morning we attended the 6am Spin class at my gym (Mom was a hit with the gang at class.)
We took a break to change clothes and open gifts, then headed to 90 minutes of Hot Yoga. (Mom did GREAT!)
Then we had lunch at Pei Wei and shopped all afternoon.  What a great 24 hours!!


This is the pretty new bedspread that Mom got for us.
Feisty graciously offered to model its high comfort factor by relaxing on it for me.



On July 9th & 10th, I set up my first-ever booth to sell my product, 
"Memorize Scripture - On the Go!"  It was a hit!  32 units sold in two half-days. 
I met lots of people who are interested in this so I have high hopes that it will help many people. Yea! 




My summer garden has been less than successful this year.
The only thing I've been able to grow are some green beans and a few 
of these extra-long cucumbers.  I have lovely tomato plants but not a single tomato!



In late June we attended Dragon Kim's Tae Kwon Do cookout - good fun!
Here we have Master Kim surrounded by Erics


This is what you call "giving someone the turd eye"


It's a girl!  Yes, we have yet another new addition to the family.
This sweetheart is named Feisty.


Eric was quick enough to catch this cute 
shot one morning before work


I already have a ton of Rocket pictures on the site, 
so one more can't hurt anything!



My friend Ellie and I enjoyed a very nice
meal at one of our favorite restaurants - Big Truck Tacos - 
before she headed back to Korea for the summer.



We were honored to host our new friend Warren at our house
one night, shortly after he got back from 16 months in Africa
on a mission trip.  What a great guy!



We got a wild hair and decided to see the 
Trans Siberian Orchestra in late May.  
We had front row seats and were surprised that we were very entertained by the show.
And we also learned the true definition of "wild hair"! 


In April I hosted the Book Bags book club meeting at my house.
It was fun! 

 The climbing crew - heading off to Horseshoe Canyon Ranch in Arkansas.
It was beautiful when they left, but it snowed after they got there and they were almost snowed in.














At Todd Lannert & Shani Long's wedding shower we enjoyed catching up 
with our old friends Ryan & Erin + Callantines.
And naturally, by "old" I only mean that we have known them for a very long time!  

<Group photo removed>



Mom was in town in March for a conference
and spent one night with me - always a treat!


My Korean friend Ellie was brave enough to cook some of her
favorite Korean dishes for us one fine March evening.


Happy diners: Linda, Mom, Me, and our chef - Ellie.
Iris also enjoyed the meal and was kind enough to take the picture for us.


One of Rocket's favorite things to do was to hide in the Monkey Grass
and hunt things from the camouflage.  Imagine his dismay when he discovered
that I had come through and cut it all down!  Don't worry Rocket, it will grow back soon.


I attended another Blue Star Mothers packing day in early March.
I think it went very well.



Eric bought me this picture in 1998 when we lived in New Orleans.
Who knew it was a portrait of things to come?!



Can't you just hear the music
playing, "Do the Hustle!" 


 This is what happens when you try to 
paint in a house where a kitten lives.

He went EVERYWHERE before we 
discovered what was going on.


Yes, even on the hardwood floors.  
Thankfully it all came off!



Eric venturing out during the ice and snow storm on 1/29
My Korean friend Ellie gave our Chinese friend Iris and I a 
culinary tour of Korea at a local Korean restaurant.  Very good stuff!

Iris & Ellie, enjoying the great meal

Birthday girls - Ellie's birthday was on
the 1st and mine was on 12/24 so we
were having a belated celebration.


I've always had a jigsaw puzzle set up in this room, but
I have turned it into a cozy reading room now.  I love it!


If you'd like to see the old pictures visit the Archives: "Archive 2016-2017"
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