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Pictures of a quilt I made for my mother-in-law Rose.
I was trying for the "shabby chic" look.  It was a fun and educational experience for me.



A picture from a lovely dinner made for me by my 
friends Daniel from Columbia and Aline from Brazil.




I'm not sure why, but I took almost no pictures at Thanksgiving.
Here Brodie "helps" my Dad fix a broken toy.


Thanksgiving in Montana

Eric spent Thanksgiving in Montana where he took this beautiful shot


They had a big bonfire at our house, here's Dallas enjoying the fire.


 The 6am Body Combat class at Pacer Fitness Center, OKC.  We are buddies.


Jan Evans (center, dark hair) was the instructor of this class for many, many years.
She has found true love which necessitates a move to Florida, so we bid her a fond farewell.



 Great picture of my sister and her husband Keith,
which I robbed from her Facebook page.  Thanks Desirae!


 I cut out the pieces for this quilt approximately 21 years ago.
I just finished it in September.  I don't think quilts are actually supposed to 
take decades, so I guess that makes this one special, right?!



My maternal Grandma passed away in September.
Mary Jane Beach 
June 4, 1931 - September 14, 2015

Some of the best naps were taken in our Montana living room



I didn't take this, but I thought this picture of my brother-in-law Keith swinging with Brodie was worth sharing.



This is a terrible picture of the only bear I've ever seen on our property.
I was so excited I couldn't get my zoom lens on my camera fast enough to get a good shot.


Lily - enjoying the comfort of our couch


Feisty sticks out her tongue when she is extra happy, so cute



How does she communicate such happiness even when she is asleep?

Dinner visit from Tara, Padrick, Keana, Thomas, and brother Mark
Thomas does the impossible - snuggles with Feisty

Dishing up dinner

The gang, about to head out for fishing







Dinner visit in August with Jeff, Amy, Stella, and Declan 


Cattail/Magic Wand - it's all the same

Here, Eric is actually trying to kill wasps
because they were bothering the hummingbirds.

However, I told him I was going to make this
look like he was stalking the hummingbirds themselves.
That would be so mean! 




Mom sent me this picture of her and Brodie enjoying the Gentry Safari


A very fun outing on Lake Koocanusa in Jeb & Amy's new boat.

Here Colter practices looking handsome

This is the life! 

Lincoln County Rodeo in Eureka at the end of July

Madness as the kids try to be the first to find their shoes



Hummingbird standoff at the feeder


Cattle Drive!  
Dan and most of his family were rounding up the cows from one side of our house to another one lovely evening.
The cows were doing great until they noticed the 4-Wheelers were a little behind them.  They took that to mean 
it was break time.  They surrounded our house, munching on the grass up close to our house.  The cats were freaked out!   


Scenes from our niece Ashley's High School graduation
June 6, 2015 at Whitefish High






Vintage Market Days outing with Rachel


A night of dinner and the climbing gym with Michael


Authentic Chinese dinner courtesy of my good friend Rachel



 Eric's brother Mark killed this 150 pound wolf in Montana



I took this picture of my Uncle Joe off of Facebook,
he looks so handsome in it.  He's a great guy!

Scenes from a kayak outing on Lake Arcadia with Rachel



A lovely afternoon in Bricktown with Rachel

Rachel took this great shot of the Rocktown climbing gym

Admiring the dead wildlife at Bass Pro Shop



At a dinner to celebrate Tiffany Li's one month birthday
with proud parents ChunHai and ShaSha




 Having fun at the BCM with my Chinese nieces - Isabel and Melody


Eric - trimming trees and using balance skills
I absolutely do not possess


XiaoXing and friends making dumplings for their 
Chinese New Year party



 Movie Feature!  Here is a link to a movie of Rocket doing his 
signature move: The Head Bobble

It's a special kind of happiness that expresses itself in a figure-eight movement with the head.
I'll let you determine in what sense I'm using the word, "special" here.  



 Poor Lily - she is sure we are going to starve them to death



My beautiful friends Aline and Rachel
out for a fun afternoon in December


Yogurt - yum! 


Rachel took these pictures that somehow capture the depth of Lily's thought life   




This came out with terrible quality, but it was a picture of two Polaroid
 shots taken of us at the Summit Energy Christmas party.  As you can see,
Eric was running the table in pool while I sat in the corner with a book.
About a decade ago I was a good party-goer, but now I'm more of a reader.  
Thankfully, Eric remains fun in all the seasons of our lives. 



Jiayi cooked us an amazing Chinese dinner on the 15th, and topped
it off with birthday cupcakes for me - how sweet of her!  And these are
not just any cupcakes, they're healthy cupcakes with sorbet on top.  Awesome!
We are truly blessed to have such great friends. 

Isabel, being adorable as usual


Jiayi & Melody with Wei's parents - very nice people

This picture doesn't capture how orange and amazing the sky looked, but you get a hint.
I was checking out with our grocery shopping when the tornado sirens went off.  I figured I 
probably had time to make it home alive so I headed for the house.  Thankfully, I was in 
no danger that night.  Weather in Oklahoma is always exciting!  



Out for a lovely meal at this convenience store / Indian restaurant with some of our friends.
I don't know what surprised me more - that Eric would eat there, or that it turned out to be so good.
(And totally clean!  It was only scary on the outside.)  



I nabbed this picture of the Level 11 ELS class from Rachel's FB page 
because I know most of the kids in the shot, they're a fun bunch! 



Some friends and I went to the Henderson Hills Baptist Church 
Christmas show together.  They always put on a really wonderful event,
complete with the Gospel message.  It makes for a lovely evening. 

My friends Lew and Rachel


My friend Yuko, looking lovely, with me looking strange - not sure why!    /  My friends Hu and Shine, making the trip up from Norman for the show.    


What a great show, a great message, great friends, and a great God! 



Luc's brother Chance posted these great pictures of the
Thunderbirds in Monteray, CA where they honored Luc with their flight

Serene says, "Uncle Chance is awesome!"  We agree. 


Cassy kindly shared this shot of her and Serene 
enjoying the beach at Monterey, CA. 






Cassy also shared this adorable picture of Serene 
wearing the hat I made for her last year.  She is so cute!


Rachel came over on November 22nd for a jewelry-making afternoon


Here are some of our creations, and a picture of us in front of the Christmas tree

I loved what Rachel did with these pictures of the jewelry-making process



Eric & his buddy Ohm spent a cold but fun day hiking in the Wichitas in November
He's a trooper!



 Eric got a "wild hair" and decided to shave his goatee in late October 2014.
He has had facial hair for longer than we can remember, probably twelve to fourteen years.
Neither of us were happy with the results, so he promptly grew it back!







A fun afternoon carving pumpkins with Rachel, and the final result.



Beautiful Baby Melody in September 2014



Introducing my friend Rachel to the fun of estate sales 




Sisters!  With sweet Desirae on September 3rd while she was in town for a conference




Our friends Wei and Jiayi brought their beautiful daughters and 
Jiayi's lovely mother over for a visit the last week of August 

Isabel with Feisty

Melody getting a snack

Lily hiding from Isabel


This is Wake Zone, a wakeboarding lake which uses cables to pull you 
instead of a boat.  It was the site of a 2-hour shame-fest for Eric and I.  
What was meant as a date outing turned into tired humility. (And a nasal rinse!)



One of many fun lunches with Jack and Oma Lee.  We love them - they are a blast!



I went home for my camera and then headed out with it early one 
morning when I saw this beautiful sunrise on my way home from the gym.  Amazing! 



We feel certain Lily does this on purpose.  


Here they use the piano bench for bunk beds

Whoever gets the 'kitty igloo'
has pretty much ALL of the 
gloating rights.


Here's a lovely shot of my good friend Ellie with her good friend Aaron (and now he's my friend too!) 



A big group of us went together to the Internet Cat Movie festival.
This was an outdoor showing of a conglomeration of cat videos from the internet. 

The company was great, the night was lovely, but they sure picked some un-funny
cat videos to show!  Oh well, you can't win them all.  
Below are:  Jiayi, Ellie, and Aaron / Edison and Leslie - great people! 




In July, I enjoyed a lovely evening
out with my friend Jade at the Plaza District.

Here they had a car they were using as a
white board, so we left our mark! 


My sweet husband valiantly tried to rescue this swan when we found her sitting in the busy road with a hurt leg.
We did what we could, but she must have had other injuries.  We learned that a few days later she died.  Poor swan! 



Here we are on an outing to Lake Thunderbird.
We looked for rose rocks, but only found a couple of deformed ones.



In June, Mom visited OKC with 39 high school kids and two other adults.
I told you my Mom was brave!  

Getting artistic with my phone camera on our water taxi ride

I really liked this shot of the land run statues at sunset.  It was taken from the water taxi with my phone. 



Here we are at a fun party at the Radar Ranch in Yukon.  A good time was had by all.


Pastor Ken speaks at our annual church Baptism picnic.




Tanisha brought her long board and Eric took it for a spin.
He was going fast



Lovely sunset Eric and I witnessed one night at Lake Arcadia, my happy place.



Baby Melody has come home from the hospital!  
She's barely bigger than Eric's hand, but she's growing as fast as she can.


Wei & Jiayi had their baby girl Melody 7 weeks early, on May 25th
She had to stay in NICU for a few weeks, but we are very grateful 
to report that she is doing excellent!


Cody & Tasha having fun at an after-church Mexican lunch in May



I didn't take my camera, so I used this photo from the Pole Position web site
to help me remember the afternoon in May when Eric and I raced around the track.



 Me & my feet, enjoying a beautiful day on Lake Arcadia one Saturday in March



How many knives does it take to prepare a meal for one person?
If that one person is Eric, plan for at least 5!



Our house in Montana is coming together! 


We are very happy with how the siding and trim have turned out. Can't wait to see it in person! 



My good friend Jiayi shared this cute picture of her adorable Isabel fearlessly riding a horse.
See how she wears her helmet with a saucy tilt?  You go girl! 



We attended a very nice dinner put on by Barnabas Leadership Ministries,
the ministry of our good friend Sam Kurui.



We weren't able to make it for the celebration
but Tracie was kind enough to send us a picture
of Lane's 5th birthday party.  He's a cutie!!  



I am so blessed to have these great friends!
Here I am at dinner with Ellie and Jiayi, such wonderful, Godly women.



Isabel turns 1!  
We were blessed to get to see Isabel on her birthday on the 25th.
Her favorite gift was the wrapping paper, she loved that stuff.



 We gave her a personalized book, and a Panda bear hat that I made for her.  She is such a sweetheart!




 I set up my tripod at the window to catch the pair of Cardinals 
who frequent our bird feeder.  I think the male bird spotted me! 



A happy Mom & Dad - and Mom is sporting the Yellowjacket hat I made for her! 


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