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Our good friends Wei & Jiayi treated us to concert tickets in December 2017.
Mandy Harvey was very talented and so impressive!  It was a nice evening.




 Sammi!  Enjoying a ride after meeting 
up with her and Dick one afternoon.



These shots show the personalities involved.
Rocket on the left, Feisty on the right.


During all the packing and unpacking that took place from October - December, 
my cats were right there, always willing to offer their help and support. 


This was the realtor photo for the house we were blessed to buy in November. 
It is so nice, with lots of windows - making up for the years we spent in our windowless duplex! 



Eric had to get professional photos taken for work.
They turned out so great!  Me, his mother, and my mother
were thrilled that we finally got some good pictures of him.


I didn't take this picture of my nephew Brodie, but it was so good I had to share it.


In November, I enjoyed a night out at the Express Ranch Clydesdale barn with the OCU Baptist Collegiate Ministry.
What a blessing that my dear friends Wei, Jiayi, and their family were there too.

Lovely sunset seen on I-40 one evening


On my way to visit my parents, I stopped in at the Cherokee Nation headquarters building.
I got to visit with my Mom, updated my tribal ID, and got this picture with the seal of the Cherokee Nation.



Dinner out with Dan & Rose at Point of Rocks 


They have such a lovely setting there.


Feisty seems to think I'm spending too much time
sewing and not enough time cat-petting.


Lily is a big fan of the new heater I added to my sewing room.



Celebrating Uncle Tim's birthday at Dan & Rose's with Dan & Tracie & Lane



Me & E at a missionary fund-raising event in Eureka in August


Disc golf with friends from church - it was fun!     












A hummingbird challenging a fawn over my flowers


Our favorite twin fawns, chillin' in their favorite spot


Sometimes the mother deer joined the twins for some R&R in our yard


Surely I can't be the only one who thinks Lily is completely adorable

An evening of fishing for Eric with friends Eli & Ryan

Views of a blow up at the Gibraltar Ridge fire 
as seen from part of our land.

Showing the scale of the flame and smoke


The smoke plume as seen from our house



This adorable newborn fawn hung out at the edge of our 
yard for hours one day.  It was so cute watching him figure 
out how to work his legs!  


We enjoyed dinner with the Brown family in June.
Good meal, good conversation, and good fishing! 

I volunteered for one day of a 5-day Kid's Quilt Camp in Kalispell 
through the Flathead Quilter's Guild.  The kids were great! 

There was a quilt show in Big Fork so I treated myself to
a day trip to check it out.  This was one of the quilts that
I liked best at the show.


I also really liked this flannel "rag" quilt made like an old flag.  So pretty! 

Old town Big Fork

On a hike along the Swan river in Big Fork




Rocket & Lily enhance the fact that they look 
alike by also posing alike quite often. 
We are pretty sure Lily is just a copycat.


Lily wants us all to know that this squirrel is her toy.

Feisty needs no caption, she speaks for herself.



Our crazy 5:30am spin class is led & inspired by the even crazier Peter.
Peter turned 70 this April Fool's Day. (Coincidence?  I think not!)
Susan E. organized matching shirts for everyone to commemorate the occasion - what fun! 



Koda Crossfit features a picture of a class scene with each daily WOD (workout of the day for us non-Crossfitters.)
They decided that Friday, April 14th was a good day to feature the fittest old dude in the gym.  Oh year, that's my man.


My mom shared this
adorable picture of 
Brodie with me.

It is so hard to get
a picture of him actually
smiling for the camera, 
I had to save it for posterity! 

Woo hoo - a new car!

It had been 12 years since
our last new car purchase,
so we decided to sell Eric's 
green Toyota Tacoma and
invest in a new Subaru Forester.

It's a great car!


My Mom, ever the amazing woman, was asked to deliver 
one of the main speeches at a Native American conference 
in Tulsa in March 2017. She did great.  I am so proud of her!

Any great accomplishment should be celebrated  
with some shopping and a meal at Pei Wei, right?!  
Well, that was our take on it anyway.


This shows the quilt I made for baby Nathan Blackmon in March 2017.
It is a story quilt about a little dog's big day.


In March, we discovered that poor Feisty had broken her jaw.
This is a bad picture of the wire that hung out of her chin for 6 weeks.
Rocket is very easy to trap.
All you need is a duffel bag or small box and he's a goner.

My Mom shared this picture of Brodie being royally 
photo-bombed at the Amazeum in Rogers Arkansas.




One of Brodie's favorite activities is arranging all his worms
in order of "rank" (because everything has to involve the Army!)


  Here PePaw instigates 
  an aerial worm attack




In March we were blessed with a surprise visit from
the Bloomers in OKC.  We had a short but sweet visit with them.

Brodie enjoyed the hotel pool most of all,
but he also liked the chocolate cake at PF Chang's too.


In February 2017, Brodie was selected as the male
student of the month at his preschool.  He was a trooper
at putting up with all the attention that came with that.


In February, I had the pleasure of hosting four of my Japanese student friends
for an afternoon of Nintendo and key lime pie.  And no, I haven't suddenly learned how to bake!
The pie was courtesy of my friend Rachel (YingYing) Dai, who gave me a gift certificate to Pie Junkie.

In January, we were honored to celebrate our good friend Kraig's birthday with him and 
friends Phil & Melanie.  They contributed lovely cupcakes from Ingrid's bakery.  
Ignore the fact that Kraig closed his eyes for the picture please, it's the best picture I got! 


I tried to get a good picture of our Christmas lights, but I kept thinking of it too late in the evening.
My Dad made this cross light for me about 7 years ago and it still looks great. Thanks Dad!



Mom gave me some very nice shoes for Christmas that I really like.
However, I'm not sure if I could possibly like them as much as Feisty likes the box!


Our cats won't let us carry them in the normal way you carry a cat, so
sometimes we have to improvise.  The 'sack of potatoes' carry works pretty well! 


My sweet husband got me a VERY nice sewing machine for my combined Christmas and birthday.
That was supposed to be my only gift, but he couldn't help himself when he saw this t-shirt.
I'm now the proud owner of a "KraKitten" shirt.



Rachel got free tickets to the ballet and was kind enough to invite me.
It was great hanging out with her again!



Election 2016!  Dick, Sammi, and I in my car for early voting.





Our dear friends David & Rayleigh were in town for a visit and I'm so thankful
for the evening we were able to spend with them.  They are truly a blessing! 



My first meeting with my newest International Friendship Family student.
This is Minami, here from Japan for one school year.



One evening, Eric and I took a tour of new some things 
that had been added to OKC since we left in the spring.
This is the whitewater rapids park, closed for the evening.


A view of the OKC skyline from the Ferris wheel park.

This new Ferris wheel, called the Wheeler Ferris wheel has recently been added 
to the list of OKC attractions.  It offers a great view of the city skyline (so I'm told) 
and some other photo opportunities. 





Casazzas were scattered all over the bleachers as we watch Kaitlyn
play volleyball for the Columbia Falls WildKats, she's a senior this year and very good.


Scenes from a fun evening spent at the Driggs Ranch

The evening included a wonderful rabbit dinner, 
trampoline jumping (for these three), a bear sighting, 
and lots of great conversation.

Scenes from a lovely evening spent with the Brown family


We enjoyed great fellowship, dinner, fishing, a beautiful sunset, a nice walk, 
hearing a bear in the vicinity, and watching a beautiful full moon rise.


I had the honor of attending Colter's first game as a quarterback.

Doesn't he look great?! 

This fully captures Feisty's personality

It is rare that I can get all three cats in one photo.
On this day, they were all lazy in the right places.


Eric checking out Rockfish, the new climbing gym in Whitefish MT



I appreciate my Aunt Glenda for sharing this picture of my Gran
at a family reunion with her peeps - 
Lillie Clinton, Wanda Morton (aka Gran), Mary Wanda Doyle, and Grace Stevenson



I think the stacked clouds in the center right is a 
neat example of Altocumulus Lenticularis clouds,
but my Googling may be a bit off...


Feisty, helping me smooth out a quilt backing


Our friends Paul & Marti Alexander renewed their vows for their 25th wedding anniversary.
It was a lovely event.

A crowd shot featuring many of our church family.


The happy couple and the pastor who originally married them.


Very long-time friend of the Casazza family, Marion Knorr, passed away in August.

 This was a rare picture of Marion, she didn't like having them taken.





Some of the family in Rose's yard at the celebration of life meal after the funeral.


Eric, at his parents' house.  
He is receiving his birthday card and cake after an amazing meal of steak from Casazza beef.

 Before his birthday dinner, we attended a beautiful concert by Michelle Rivers.
It was held at a gorgeous location, Abayance Bay marina on Lake Koocanusa.

Me on the left, watching Michelle Rivers at the lovely amphitheater

More scenery from Abayance Bay


I made this quilt in August 2016.
I call it, "Woven Rail Fence" because it uses the Rail Fence pattern.
It won 2nd place in it's category at the Lincoln County Fair!


I made this quilt during July & August this year.  
It is supposed to be a 3D effect, called "Rolling Waves."
I can see it in the picture, but it disappears in real life.


These are scenes from a long walk Eric and I took on the Kootenai Trail, 
a rails-to-trails path from Eureka to Rexford


These pictures show just some of the help I'm given in my quilting efforts 
by my loyal companion cats.  On the left, we see Lily getting around the,
"no cats on the table" rule by resting on my quilt in progress. 

On the right, we see Rocket helping to create the 3D effect of "bumps"
that was supposed to be created from the quilt design.

Another favorite cat tactic is done while I am sewing.  They like to 
ball themselves up in the part of the quilt that reaches the ground,
 effectively pinning it down so I cannot reposition it to sew a different area. 


The Feisty traps are working!  


I took a picture of this magazine at Jeb & Amy's house.

The cover features Mark and Jeb, just a few years ago!


Seeing off our friends Dick and Marie Stavenow as they move to Minnesota
Eric and Dick were trapping buddies when Eric was young, they had many great times together.



Proof at last! Feisty and the "How to Train Your Dragon" dragon are twins separated at birth. 



Rocket, using the floor rug for camouflage in hopes we'll trip on him



Surely I'm not the only one who thinks this is an extremely cute face.



Lily takes a nice stretch on the window sill after one of her many naps.

I was not present for these pictures of my family, but I thought they
were so cute I had to include them. 

Brodie and Desirae enjoying the pool

Desirae, Mom, and Brodie enjoying Branson, MO

Brodie, enjoying his tough guy camo headband that he took from his Mom


Lovely praise & worship party hosted by Rose at the Pidgeon Bridge house.
It was attended by many people from Eureka & Libby, as well as a Canadian and Lakeside resident.


Tranquil scene of a lovely dinner for the ladies of my church, hosted by
our lovely Kootenai Christian Fellowship pastor's wife Leah

I enjoyed a lovely evening at the Brown's house, chatting with Breann,
cuddling tiny baby kittens, and getting a tour of the farm from the kids.
Lily was trying to nap of this footstool, but she doesn't quite fit! 


I can use my computer in stand-up mode, or seated in my chair.
That is, except for the fact that my office chair is one of the most prized sleeping spots in the house.
Here we witness a battle of wills between the cat who has the chair and the cat who wants the chair.


Aubrey's birthday party on May 13th - the first birthday party of a Casazza niece or nephew that I can remember celebrating in person.

Jeb adding a trick candle

Aubrey blowing out the candles to an adoring audience

A visit with the pigs, who play with doggie Carson like they're all dogs

The pigs in the one place where they aren't allowed - the yard!


One exciting event for us in May was the purchase of Blackie - Eric's new (1998) truck. 
We love it! 



I had the privilege of meeting baby George Li on
April 27th.  He is the first son of our good friends
Edison and XiaoXing.  Welcome George!



The Franklin Graham Decision America tour came to OKC on April 27.
I was fortunate enough to attend.  He encourages all Christians to educate ourselves, 
vote our beliefs, and get involved at every level from school board to city government and beyond.


The Oklahoma State Capitol 
looking lovely on this beautiful spring day



In March, I learned about the DC Eagle-cam
which allows viewers to watch a pair of Bald
Eagles in their nest. 

Since March, two eggs have hatched. The
process of caring for the young ones is a 
fascinating one.  I like to check in on them
once a week or so.

On this day, I learned that Feisty likes the 
Eagle-cam too, except that she wants to
eat them!  For the health and safety of my
monitor, I had to turn it off.  


In April, my friend Rachel was awarded a scholarship.
 She invited me to attend her award ceremony.  
Here, she gives her acceptance speech. Good job Rachel!


Out for a great lunch with Rachel and Aline at Hillbilly's in OKC

Our friend Dick accompanied me to the Arts Fest this year since 
it isn't Eric's thing.  Here Dick enjoys the famous Strawberries Newport.



The festival seemed to like its new location by the Civic Center.


A Seminole Patchwork quilt I finished in April 2016



This is a Carpenter's Star quilt I made just for me.
It is flannel on top, wool for the batting, with fleece backing - 
perfect for keeping me warm on chilly Montana evenings.



Lyle Lovett and Robert Earl Keen, in a subdued,
friendly concert at the Civic Center


My dear friend Jiayi with her beautiful daughters Melody and Isabel


Among her many personality quirks,
our cat Feisty enjoys both the scratching
post and being on top of the dryer while it runs.

One day I had the brilliant idea to combine the
two activities.  She nearly turned herself inside 
out in her extreme joy.  


The rock work on the front of our Montana house was completed this month - woo hoo!
We can't wait to see it in person.


A quilt I made this spring called a Disappearing 9 Patch

Another quilt I made this spring, this one uses the Rail Fence
pattern in patriotic fabric.


Views of a baby quilt I made for some good friends, finished in March 2016.
Done in OKC Thunder colors since the parents are big fans. 

When Feisty senses that we are about
to leave the house, she gets very romantic
in an attempt to prevent us from leaving.

When that doesn't work, she jumps up on
the tall bookcase by the door so that you
are forced to look her in the eye as you walk
out on her.  She's a piece of work!
You may have missed the pictures of the gold glitter
Birkenstocks I decorated a few years ago.  If so, do not despair!
  You can enjoy viewing this newly completed silver pair instead.

When the sun hits them, it's like a rainbow comes off of my feet.
It's awesome.


A close-up view of a quilt I made out of the 
leftovers from a quilt I made a few months ago


It's only a full-sized quilt, but I like how it turned out. 

Many, many years ago I inherited a quilt top made by my great-aunt Pearl Brannon.
In January I finally quilted it and now plan to put it into regular use in her honor. 


My friend Rachel and I visited the OKC Art Museum in 
January 2016.  I wanted to see the "Quilts and Color" exhibit, 
which was great. We also visited the Chihuly glass exhibit.

To the right is just one of 45 beautiful quilts on display.

Rachel under the beautiful glass ceiling that was decorated in glass objects

Chihuly likes to put his glass objects into boats.
Because really, why not? 


A wonderful event happened this month!
Our very dear friends David and Rayleigh were married in China.
I wish we could have been there, we love these two.



A brief snow in OKC in January.  I think it melted that same day.


Two of my favorite quilts on display at the 
OKC Quilt show I happily attended in January 2016

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