Women in the Outdoors
Saturday, March 25, 2006

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I got to participate in a neat event called "Women in the Outdoors."  It was held on a private farm West of Eufaula, OK on a cool, sunny, beautiful Saturday.  We took a series of classes and got to shoot a lot of different weapons.  I met a lot of nice ladies from all over the state and had a fun time.

I took Outdoor Photography, Horsemanship, Archery, .22 Rifles and Handguns, and Skeet Shooting.  

This shows the beautiful Percherons they had for pulling the wagon, 
and some of the friendly staff (and little helpers) standing by.
 A view of the horses from my vantage point in the wagon.

Here's me, singled out
from the group shot below.

This was taken during my second class, Horsemanship.  We learned how
to groom and care for a horse.

All the lovely ladies


Oh the style, the grace - it's so impressive.

This is new friend Stacey Day on the far left and new friend Kim Shaw on the far right.



Dead-eye Casazza at the ready.  I wonder why my instructor is
wringing her hands and looking concerned?
It just makes you want to hum the "Police Woman" theme song, doesn't it?
    Don't worry - no skeet were
  injured in the making of this

I want to especially thank my new friends Stacey Day and Kim Shaw for providing the 'action' pictures.  Thanks girls!


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