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The seven Casazza boys with Mom (Rose) and Dad (Dan)
Dan Jr., Larry, Dallas, Mark, Lucas, Eric, and Jeb



The immediate Casazza family.  We have 31 in our headcount as of 2013.

Taken in Eureka, Montana at Dan & Rose's home.



The immediate Morton family.
Eric & I with nephew Brodie, Mom & Dad - aka Marcella and Leon
standing above Gran (Dad's mother), and sister Desirae and her husband Keith

Taken in Tahlequah, Oklahoma in November 2015


We also have three cats.  We invest a lot of energy into spoiling them rotten, but it's easy to do since they are so cute.
Rocket is the male and in theory is the 'top cat' of the house. Feisty is the older female, and is a total sweetheart.
Lily is the younger female and has zero cat manners.
Therefore, she doesn't always allow Rocket to have his
'top cat' status, if he has something she wants at the time.