My Month in Norway  
London Trip - Days 16-19  
Thursday, June 29 - Sunday, July 1
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I had a wonderful time visiting Scott and Dina in Guilford, and seeing London for the first time.  Dina went with me on Friday to sight-see in London.  We did a boat trip on the Thames and one of the famous red double-decker bus tours.  We saw everything in one day!
This is the living room at Scott & Dina's - very pleasant I spent a lot of time out here.  The flowers were beautiful and the weather was perfect!
The Phillips office in Woking
A hotel viewed from the Thames.
Big Ben (inside the tower)
The houses of Parliament
The London Eye and the Aquarium
The Aquarium
A reconstruction of Shakespeare's Globe Theater
The Tower of London
The Tower Bridge
Close-up of part of the Tower Bridge
Used to be a fish market, now used for offices
The Queen's Obelisk "relocated"' from Egypt
Who knew London had so many leaning structures??  (OK, so I won't win 'Photographer of the Year' with these shots!)
At the British Museum


A typical London street
Shots of Dina & myself on the tour bus

Saturday, June 30
Scott, Dina, and I had a wonderful breakfast of strawberry crepes and then we headed out to spend the day at Kew Gardens.  It was very nice!
Nice shot of the happy couple in front of the Pagoda


A strange coconut-like thing which had a cluster of small bananas on top.  Very different!
Me under a giant cedar tree
Me at the same tree with a strange man creeping up behind me!
(And I do mean strange!!)
Yes, we're still at the same tree.  This time Dina is under it.


The largest lily pads you can imagine.  Scott is across the way reading all about them.
More views of Kew Gardens
This was the Criterion Theatre, where I went to see a play on Saturday night.  I saw "The Complete Works of Shakespeare (Abridged)" by the Reduced Shakespeare Company.  The play was very funny and I also purchased a very tasteful t-shirt - it has a picture of Shakespeare and the caption, "I Love My Willy". 

I then toured several pubs near the Leister Square / Picadilly Circus area, and even wandered into a dance club for awhile to see what the night life is like in London. 

I wandered around too long, however, as I missed the last train back to Guilford.  I had to spend 45 minutes waiting on a train to Woking, where I then managed to share a cab back to Guilford with some nice people.  I finally made it back at about 2:30 am - quite exhausted!

Sunday we sat on the patio and enjoyed the sun, then went to a nearby pub for a very nice lunch.  Then I headed back to Norway.