Shawnna's Quilts
A history in pictures of my latest hobby/obession

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I began my first quilt around the time I met Eric, in 1992.  It sat uncompleted in a box which we hauled from house to house in our many moves over the next twenty-plus years.  The first quilt I actually completed was one I made for my sister in 2009.  She said she needed something to throw on the ground for picnics and the like.  I thought that sounded low-pressure enough for me to try making a quilt for this purpose.  I did complete it, with some major wrinkles on the backing.  I felt I succeeded though, since it is a perfect quilt for throwing on the ground!  

In 2015 I dug the pieces of that first quilt out of the closet and decided to finish it.  Little did I know, this would spark an obsession that would have me making nearly a quilt a month by the end of the year.  It has been so much fun to learn this art, and such a blessing to be able to give them to my loved ones as gifts.  I also hope it honors my grandmother Wanda Morton, who was a very talented hand-quilter all of her life, until her eyes wouldn't let her continue.  I love to share my quilting journey with her.  This page is to serve as my memory of each quilt I make.  

Shawnna's Quilts, listed in order of completion.  
1. This was my first completed quilt, made for my sister Desirae in 2009.
2. This was my second completed quilt. A Native American design.
Cut out around 1992, completed in October 2015.
It was given as a wedding gift to a dear friend. 
This page was getting too large, so I've split it up into categories.  

First is something I call, "Early Days" - which covers quilts I made in 2015 - 2017.

Next is a page for the squedge projects I make, which are table toppers created with a ruler called a squedge.

After that is a page of quilts I made from 2018 - 2019

This page contains my current projects, those started in January of 2020 or after. 


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