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Table Topper Projects using the 22.5" Squedge Ruler

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There is a special kind of ruler you can buy called a squedge.  The name comes from combining "square" with "wedge".  I mostly use this tool to make star-shaped table-toppers.  This is a page dedicated to storing pictures of squedge projects. 
I bought a Squedge 22.5" ruler in 2016 and made some table centerpieces with it.  
This one is supposed to be in the style of Pioneer Woman.
This was the best one I made, but I have the fabric to thank for that.   Here's a Christmas version. 

This one won a first place ribbon and a special award in the table runner
category at the Lincoln County Fair in Eureka - woo hoo!  

I have to improve my photography because the colors just don't come through, but it is 
blue, purple, black, and shiny gold. 
One green and maroon squedge star with two squares I made out of the excess.  Another excess square project 
These calmer colors don't really work for me, but that's how we learn. Another picture of the green star
This is the second prettiest one I made, Eric thinks it is the best.  It has shiny gold accents. 

Seminole Patchwork table runner and coordinating pot holders

I sold this one at the Flathead Quilter's Guild show in Kalispell.  I just happened 
to be standing in a booth at the show when one lady said to her friend, "I bought 
my beautiful table topper so I'm ready to go."  I turned around and she was holding
this up to show to her friend.  What a wonderful feeling that was, I can't describe it. 


June Squedges, 2018

I make these table toppers using a tool called a "squedge".  In June, I completed a large batch of 
toppers, some of which I've shown here.  


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