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Photos and histories of quilts I made in 2020

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 46. Blue Swoon
February, 2020

"Swoon" is a pattern by Thimbleberries that I LOVE.  I made one in 2018, made this one
in February 2020, and another in March 2020.  This pattern is like a gift that keeps on 
giving.  In this one, I made the contrast between the two light fabrics minimal on purpose
in order to make the dark blue stars "pop".  It worked! 

I used vintage sheets I found at an estate sale for the light fabrics and a cuddle blanket 
as the backing.  I tell you what, this quilt had a wonderful feel.  I came about hair's breadth
from keeping it for myself.  It felt like an heirloom from the first day I made it.

However, someone bought it from my Etsy shop and now I'm very glad.  This is the 
beautiful message he sent to me,

"For many years I used a blue patchwork quilt my great-grandmother made me but sadly 
it is now falling apart. I have retired it and now I am using the quilt you made and it makes 
me very happy that you made it with care and love just like my Mamaw made her quilts."


This is the first bed-sized quilt that I've used a quilting innovation that I've never seen 
anyone else doing.  I quilt it without the back, then add the backing on at the end, 
tacking it down with some stitch-in-the-ditch quilting.  It worked great here.  

 The quilt measured 90" by 90".    

This cuddly fur backing was the bomb! 


Lots of pictures because I worked hard on this. 



 47. Modern X Squared in Peacock & Black
March 2020
'Tis the season for repeats on my quilt patterns.  I have made three of the "Swoon" pattern 
used for the quilt I finished last month, and this is the third quilt I've made using Angela Waters' 
"Modern X" pattern.  

See - Modern X Squared, January 2019 and Modern X Squared Again in July 2019.
The original pattern was just for the center design and it finished at 45" by 45".
That was small for my taste, so I pieced two of them, then split the second one
into fourths.  I set the original design on point, then stuck one quarter of the second 
one onto each corner.  It makes a large queen sized quilt and a lovely design. 

This quilt finished at 92" by 92".  

 I usually just do a lot of straight lines for quilting, but I got a little fancier with this one... I put squiggles between the straight lines.  I know, super wild, right?! :-) 

I also did these little starburst things in the 16-patch blocks.

  I usually use solid colors for backing, but for this one I splurged on a print. 

I did an innovative (I think) binding on this
quilt.  At least, I've never seen anyone else
do a binding this way.  I usually bring the 
backing around to the front as binding. 
However, on this quilt I did not want the 
pattern from the backing to interfere with 
the design of the quilt.  So I took the front
of the quilt and brought it around to the 
back for the binding.  It worked great! 

   This dude could probably work on a king bed but I don't have one to try it out on. 
 48. Stars on Glittering Snow
March 2020

This is one you just have to see to truly appreciate.  The white fabric is a beautiful, 
metallic, shiny style and absolutely sparkles in the light.  It is wonderful fabric but
it doesn't photograph worth a hoot.  

This quilt finished at 84" by 100".  

  A lot of shiny fabric either sheds glitter or is rough to the touch.  This is neither,
and it is also the shiniest fabric I've worked with.  I love it. 
This is the first time I've paid someone to longarm a quilt for me.  I had more quilts I
wanted to make and the quilting part takes me forever, so I bit the bullet.  She did a great job. 

The thread is silver and makes the back almost as pretty as the front. 

49. Pioneer Woman Swoon
April, 2020
I got the red fabric used in this quilt at the very end of the Eureka Montana Quilt Show in 2019.  I spent a year
locating just the right accent colors to go with it.  The teal backing took forever to find, as there are tons of shades
of this minty-blue-green color out there.  Once I had all the fabrics, I couldn't wait to make my 3rd "Swoon" quilt 
out of it.  

I might say this a lot, but this was one of my favorite quilts that I've ever made.  I just think it turned out so beautiful.
It was very fun for me that my good friend from High School, Lisa Wales Tuck, purchased it from my Etsy store.  

This quilt finished at 81" by 88".  

These lovely colors remind me of Lee Drummond's Pioneer Woman style.  
I just loved this quilt! 



50. Double Star Baby Sherpa Quilt
May, 2020
 I saw an example of a double evening star and decided to try to make one.  
 It turned out so cute that I decided to convert it into a baby blanket.  
The Sherpa backing was so wonderful that I brought it on around to the front of the quilt. It came out 34" by 34". 
The stars shown via quilting in the Sherpa backing.  I quilted it without the backing in double hearts and loops. Then added the backing for some stitch in the ditch. 


51.  Furry-backed Regal Vintage Fabric
May, 2020
 I found some very regal-looking vintage fabric at an estate sale and was determined to 
 do something with it.  I cut it all into squares and stripes, then put it together in this
 style. I paired it with a metallic gold fabric, purple accent fabric, and metallic gold quilting. 
 It is a very large quilt at 89" by 101".  
 Trying hard to capture the shiny metallic gold fabric and gold quilting thread.   

I backed this quilt in a furry blanket.  Boy, does it make this thing feel rich and impressive!  It's heavy too.  Most
of my quilts weigh around 7 pounds but this one is 9.  It could be the only cover on a bed and keep you toasty warm! 



52.  Yankee Doodle 2
May, 2020
 I made this pattern for my dear friend Dick Cain last year, and I thought it turned out
 really nice.  So when I was asked to donate a quilt to Bunny Franklin's "Quilts for Heroes" 
 project, I immediately thought of this.  It is a winner again! In my opinion, anyway! 


It will go to a veteran in the PTSD unit of a veteran's hospital in Helena, MT. 
I hope it will be a blessing to a service man or woman.  



The quilting was done by another lady, Peggy Aagenes-Janzer, a volunteer who helps quilt the tops being donated to the veterans.   The quilt came out about 62" by 84".  

 I don't usually include a label, but it is the custom when donating to the hospital.   
53.  Sparkle Blue
June, 2020 

One of my favorite quilt patterns, Swoon, is made by Thimble Blossoms.  They also
designed this pattern, called, "On a Whim".  You are actually supposed to switch the
dark and white, but I wanted to see how it would look when done this way.  I really like it.

86" by 100"

  Once again, I'm using that sparkly, metallic fabric.  I LOVE that stuff.  
   I used a printed backing, then did the quilting by following it's pattern.  It's called, upside down or bobbin quilting.  
 Photo bomber


54.  Vintage Red
July, 2020

This was the 4th in a series of four vintage quilt tops I purchased at Estate Sales
with the goal of finishing them myself.  The first three were very difficult to do, 
with old fabric having many tears and the blocks being quite uneven.  Thankfully
this one was much better to work with.  I used a decorative stitch for part of the
quilting and thread the sharply contrasted with the light yellow backing.   

This quilt finished at 68" by 90" and was really adorable once I got it done. 

   The decorative stitching was done on the angle and regular stitching on the straight lines.  

This quilt sold at the Eureka Quilt Show in August 2020.  I'm told the new owner is thrilled with it.  

55.  Teal Sparkle Star Chain
July, 2020 

This is a teal version of the "Stars on Glittering Snow" quilt I made earlier this year.
It also turned out beautifully.  I had it quilted by a friend of mine on her long arm machine.
The backing is lovely too, I'm frankly surprised that this quilt hasn't sold yet from my Etsy shop. 

56.  Rivers of Roses
July, 2020 
This was my attempt to do honor to Jackie Robinson, a fabric designer and new friend of mine here in Eureka.
She designed a truly beautiful line of fabric called, "Parade of Roses" that inspired me to make many table toppers
from it.  I then decided that a whole quilt was in order, so this was the result.  It is a really fun, flowing quilt. 
Someone bought this off my Etsy store as a gift to someone else, but they told me they loved it so much they might just keep it!  

57. Starbaby - Lone Star Baby Quilt

In early October 2020, our local quilt guild (Scraps 'n Threads) put on a class in which we made a baby-sized
Lone Star quilt together using Judy Niemeyer's paper piecing methods.  Lone Stars are famously difficult
so I never thought I'd attempt one, but I did it!  I think this turned out so lovely!  

  The quilt came out 39" square and is backed in super soft Sherpa fabric.  


 I quilted the star in wavy lines and the background in meandering curves. I love the colors, but I can't take credit for choosing them.  I purchased the optional kit
that came with the class materials.  The did a great job choosing the fabrics and placement. 

This shows the fuzzy-soft Sherpa backing.

  I was trying to take some artistic photos in the afternoon sun, but got a "model" in my photos.
 He's even in this photo, but just the tip of his ear and nose.    

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