Shawnna's Quilts
Photos and histories of quilts I made from 2015 to 2017

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3. Rose's Quilt   
3. Next I saw a set of sheets at an estate sale that inspired me to come up
with a way to use the roses in a quilt.  I later learned it is called a 'fussy cut'
when you select particular parts of a piece of fabric to cut out. 
Eric helped me develop this pattern, and I gave it to my mother-in-law 
Rose for Christmas. I learned a LOT when making this quilt! (The hard way.) 
Completed December 2015.
Pearl's Quilt

About 30 years ago, my Gran gave me a quilt top made by her sister Pearl, who passed
away many years before that.  I had always dreamed of hand-quilting it, but that was not
happening.  Thankfully though, I was able to machine quilt it so that now it can be used.
This was my first attempt at "stitch in the ditch" and 
also free motion quilting.  Completed January 2016.

4.  Rebecca's Quilt

I miscalculated rather badly when making Rose's quilt, so I had about 18 blocks left
over after finishing that quilt.  I decided to make two more blocks so that I could have
another, similar quilt.
In this one I went wild with the sashing - going for strong pink polka dots.
Now I wish I'd have done cornerstones in the sashing, but I still enjoy this quilt.
Completed January 2016.

5.  George's quilt

My first baby quilt - done in OKC Thunder colors in honor of the parents' love of the team.  This shows a detail of the owl print
 Completed in early March 2016.  
This shows the green polka-dot flannel backing.  
I hope baby Li gets a lot of use out of this quilt! 
6.  Disappearing 9-Patch


More fun with leftovers.  I had a lot of fabric on hand after making my sister's quilt.
I decided to use it in a low-pressure exercise to learn some new skills.  
This was completed in March of 2016.
This pattern is called a Disappearing 9-Patch, as you make large 9-patch
blocks, then cut them up and re-arrange them in a random way.  Yes, I did
something random!  Eric was shocked too.  Rose's sister, Aunt Mary Ann 
very kindly purchased this from my Etsy store.

7. Patriotic Rail Fence

7. This is a patriotic quilt I made in a rail fence design.  I have found I enjoy designing and
making the borders as much as the rest of the quilt. This one was completed in March of 2016.
This is the best job I've done on a quilt so far.  I can enjoy looking at it without seeing 
a collection of mistakes.  I consider that real progress!  This was given to my neice Cami
for a wedding gift. 

8.  Seminole Patchwork

I made the brown and blue strips of Seminole Patchwork thinking it would make a good
border for the Disappearing 9 Patch.  It did not.  I didn't want to waste all that patchwork
though, so I decided to play around with a couple more patterns to see what happened.


The result was the biggest quilt I've made.  I think it came out to something like 96" by 102".
It was a fun learning experience.  This was completed in April of 2016.

Seminole Patchwork is really neat how it comes together like magic in the end. 
I give props to my Mom for giving me her great patchwork book long ago.
I also gave the quilt to Mom as a Christmas gift.  


9.  Carpenter's Star


9. I've always been intrigued by the Carpenter's Star pattern and wanted to try making one.  
From my other hobby of Estate Sales, I ended up with a $2 wool blanket and a $3 sheet
of fleece. I decided to put that together with some flannel to make the warmest, most 
snuggly lap blanket I could make.  This one was completed in April of 2016.

I used colors that would match in our house in Montana, since that's the place where a
warm, snuggly blanket really comes in handy!  This one now proudly lives on the back of
our couch in Montana.  


10. Rolling Waves


This quilt was supposed to be an optical illusion quilt called, 
"Rolling Waves."  I can see the rolling waves effect in the 
pictures, but it does not jump out as well in real life.  

Completed in August 2016.  Purchased from my Etsy store. 


This shows the quilting I did on the rolling waves quilt, it is easier to see from the back side.

11. Woven Rail Fence

Trying to show the squiggly lines I used for quilting, along with stitch-in-the-ditch.


I call this one "Woven Rail Fence" because it is a rail fence pattern using the
colors in a way to (hopefully) create a weave effect.  
This quilt won 2nd place in it's category at the Lincoln County Fair!  
Completed in August 2016.  Given to our friends Rusty & Cody Blackmon.

12. Summer Blue Squares

This quilt I call "Summer Blue Squares".  It was made using the pattern Kris' 3 Patch.
I pieced it in no time, but it took me forever to get around to finishing the quilting.
I used echo quilting for the squares to give it a traditional feel.  This picture shows some 
free motion quilting I did around the edges, making hearts to decorate the setting triangles.

A close-up of the quilting from behind.  I'm pretty happy with how this turned out. 
Rose bought this from me as a graduation gift for my niece Kaitlyn. 


13. Digital Geode

This is a quilt I'm very excited about.  I pieced it in August 2016 but didn't get it quilted
until January 2017.  I had to build up my machine quilting skills a lot before trying this one!
This shows the quilting of concentric diamonds inside each colored diamond.  
I changed the thread color to best coordinate with each diamond.  They aren't 
perfect, but the overall effect turned out great.
You can kind of see the zigzag pattern between the diamonds in this picture.
It also has echo lines through the blue fabric at each corner.
I think it is just as pretty from the back as it is from the front.  

This one is for sale in my Etsy Store

14.  Baby Nathan's Quilt  

Detail of the quilting for little Nathan's quilt. 

 This is a story quilt I made for Baby Blackmon.  It was finished in March 2017.   

15. Baby Elim's Quilt


Quilting detail.  This quilt was finished in April 2017. 

This quilt contains fabric that I hoped would evoke thoughts of Oklahoma - farm scenes,
tractor tracks, eggs, milk bottles, and trees.  I wanted to send a piece of Oklahoma back
to China with baby Elim and his parents, David & Rayleigh.   

16. Floral Striped Medallian


This quilt started with some floral striped fabric I found at an estate sale.  I didn't want to cut it up, so I
came up with this idea to make it into a medallion quilt. I thought it would be fun to add stripes to the
edges that would drape over the side of the bed in the opposite direction to the medallion design.  

  For quilting,  I did waves and hearts in the solid borders, and straight lines in the floral stripes. 
I gave this one to my dear friends Wei & Jiayi for Christmas.

17. Charming Flowers

   I saw some fabric I liked in the bargain room of Sew & Sews in OKC - 
 the same floral pattern in many different colors.  A few days later I was
 reading a quilting book and came across the pattern called, "Charming 
 Flowers".  I knew that would be a great use for the fabric I'd seen, so I
 rushed back over there to get it before it was all gone.  

 I intended for the flowers to be arranged in a random fashion, but the 
 hubs is a big fan of order and symmetry.  (Usually I am too, but I was
 trying to branch out!)  So we agreed that the colors should be lined up
 instead of scattered about.  I think it turned out nice, fresh, and fun.  
 It is also quite big! (80 X 95 inches)

This was my first attempt at an all-over meander free motion quilting design.

 I put this in the Eureka Montana Quilt Show in August 2017, here I am with it on display.

  The Charming Flowers quilt won 3rd place 
  viewer's choice in it's category of "Domestic
  machine quilted" - woo hoo! 

  This quilt was purchased from my Etsy shop
  by a very nice lady who truly appreciated it.
  She also had me make matching pillow shams
  to go with it.  I'm thrilled that this quilt found 
  such a good home. 

18. Framed Swoon  
I saw a finished Swoon quilt at the OKC Quilt Show in January of 2016 and just loved it. 
They had sold out of the pattern, but months later I happened to go into the store that 
had the pattern and saw it again.  It was the last copy they had, so it must be a popular

I collected fabric for months until I had the right set of solids and floral prints.  When I 
put it together, I added four tiny pinwheels to the sashing and a large border to make 
the quilt better fit a queen-sized bed.  It came out to 87.5 X 94 inches.  I really like it. 

I also entered this quilt in the Eureka Montana Quilt Show 2017.  
This quilt was sold via my Etsy Shop.  It remains one of my favorites. 


19. Groovy Purple Flower Love
This quilt started with a set of 70's pillow cases I found at an estate sale. I was excited
to make something out of them.  
I Googled lots of ideas for groovy 70's shapes to use in the quilting and ended up with this design.

It is a full-sized or large twin size quilt.

This one was purchased from the Eureka Montana Quilt show.  I don't know for sure who
bought it, but I just happened to be standing near it when a man said, "I really like this quilt!"
So I hope he's the one who got it.  It was such a thrill to hear that! 

Red and Gold Squares Quilt
I purchased these squares at an estate sale, already sewn together.
I added the border and used it as my practice quilt during my first lesson
on a long arm quilting machine. I loved quilting that way, it was MUCH 
easier than shoving a large quilt around on a regular sewing machine.  
It looks a little like a drunken wild person quilted it, but I will improve with practice! 


The quilting looks better from the front, 
where the fabric can distract you!  :-)  


20. Baby Quilt for Julie's Granddaughter

My Mother's friend Julie had experienced some sad times, but now has the happy
arrival of a baby granddaughter to celebrate, so Mom wanted to bless her with a quilt.

  The theme was owls, the colors were gray, teal, and pink.  I was very fortunate 
to find a storybook panel that used all of these elements.
The quilt came out a little large, but hopefully that will just mean they can use it for more years to come.  The quilting on the snuggly flannel backing.


21. Red, White & Blue Squares

This quilt came about because of some 5" squares I bought at an estate sale.  They included some 
Paul Revere blocks that I just loved.  I started collecting red, white, and blue squares that had a 
patriotic or all-American theme.

The result was this quilt, which I shared with our friend John.  He loves the flag and appreciated the quilt. 


The quilting design as seen from the back. 


The Paul Revere fabric that kicked off the idea.

 I did some free-motion stars and loops on the blue border that came out nice. 


22. Xcentric in Gold Metallic Brown
This pattern is called, "Xcentric" from the book, "Rotary Cutting Revolution" by Anita Grossman Solomon.
The fabric has metallic gold thread running through it, I love how it turned out.  
This quilt was finished in April 2018.

A shot of the quilting from the back



  I have matching pillow cases and also made matching pillow shams with the extra blocks.  
  I think I'm going to keep this one, I really like it.  After all, it has shiny gold accents and 
  shiny is my favorite color!  
23. & 24. Charlotte & Lydia's quilts

Two of my dear friends (who are also friends) had baby girls this spring, so I
made them matching quilts for their little sweeties.  Finished in February 2018.


Wei & Jiayi's Charlotte + Aaron & Ellie's Lydia are both beautiful girls.  
I'm blessed to be a part of their lives.
Here's a fun set of photos Ellie shared of Lydia using her new quilt.  Love it! 


25. Harper's Quilt
Neice Cami and her husband Logan were blessed with baby Harper in May.  This is a quilt I made for them.


26. Hunter's quilt

Niece Ashley and husband Cody have been blessed with two kids so far.  Hunter is over a year old, 
but I decided I wanted to make a quilt for all of the babies of this next generation. 
I started my make-up quilts with Hunter, and now I owe a quilt to Lily, who is almost 3.  

It is backed in navy blue flannel and quilted with irregular straight lines.  

27. Fall Colors Bargello
This was the quilt that almost wasn't.  I made this jelly roll bargello out of two jelly rolls.  Unfortunately, 
I sewed one roll into strips in September and the other in November - on two different machines.  I felt 
sure I had an accurate "scant 1/4 inch seam" marked on both machines.  However, when I tried to put 
the two halves of the quilt together, they were two very different sizes. 

I was so discouraged that I almost threw the whole project away.  Instead I put it in my closet and left it
there for several months.  Eventually I was able to face the hours of ripping that had to be done.  I ripped
the two halves apart and ripped out each tiny row of half of the quilt.  I re-stitched that half and put it back 
together.  It took so long and so much work, but now I really like how it turned out.  I'm so glad I did not
give up on this quilt!  

A glimpse of the wrestling match that is quilting a large quilt on a domestic machine.  
The finished quilt.

Showing it in the Eureka Montana Quilt Show, August 2018
I sized the quilt specifically for this bed. The backing is a grunge-style black with gray accents.  
Another view of the quilt during the Eureka Montana Quilt Show. 


June Squedges, 2018

I make these table toppers using a tool called a "squedge".  In June, I completed a large batch of 
toppers, some of which I've shown here.  

28. Lily's Frozen Quilt

Earlier this year I made baby quilts for baby Hunter and baby Harper.  Then I realized that I had totally missed making a baby quilt for Lily, who is now 3 years old. 
That worked out well for her since she was able to tell me what style of quilt she would like to have.  I got that she liked pink, princesses, and the movie Frozen. 
Out of that came this quilt which features the two Frozen princesses, along with large quantities of pink, sparkling, Frozen fabric.  The backing is flannel to maximize the snuggle factor. 

This was my first time to make a border like that inner yellow/pink corner-frame border.
It was harder to do than I imagined it would be! 
The backing was a combination of pink snowflake flannel and snow white flannel.  
A closer shot of the body of the quilt.  I quilted the center in wavy lines, followed by
different patterns in the borders.  
Too bad the camera can't capture the sparkle of the pink fabric, that was the best part!  
28.  Diamond Stars 
29.  Large Black & White Star 
30.  Halloween Lap Quilt for Desirae 
Weighted Fleece Blanket
I took what I learned making Brodie a weighted blanket at Christmas and used it to make one
for my Etsy shop.  My friend Nancy bought it for her sweet daughter Ella.  I've since made another one.



Modern X Squared
I saw a quilt kit online but was sad that it made such a small quilt.  I bought two of them and decided to get
creative in making a larger version.  I love how it turned out, and I guess I wasn't the only one - it sold the first
day it was in my shop!  I'm going to make another one sometime soon.  


  Just like Alfred Hitchcock, I tend to 
  show up in the frame with my quilts! 

Baby blanket made using vintage bunny blocks

The bunnies are working in the garden, fishing, and chasing butterflies.  
At an estate sale one day, I found some very old fabric that had blue and pink versions
of these cute bunny scenes.  I wanted to make baby blankets out of them, so far this is
the only one I've finished.  
I backed it in cuddly fleece and added custom quilting in each area of the quilt.

Shiny Silver Double Nine Patch

This is one of several quilts I've made using patterns by Trudie Hughes.  I have many of
her "Template Free Quilts" books and enjoy her patterns.  

I love this quilt, but am sad because pictures do not capture the specialness
of the shiny silver fabric.  


Making a cameo appearance in the picture. 


Just remind yourself that in real life the silver is shiny! 
The quilting forms a flower shape in the black areas. The flower shape as seen from the back.  

Vintage Flower Basket

I did outline quilting on the baskets and a flower in the white space.  Also a smaller
flower in the yellow setting triangles.  

I found several old quilt tops at estate sales recently, and decided to rescue them from
obscurity.  Turns out they were poorly constructed and quite difficult to square up, but
I have this one done and am glad to see it is now a useful item.


I think this counts as full size, it is shown here on a queen bed. 




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