Climbing in the Wichitas
Saturday, August 14, 2004

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We spent one particularly beautiful Saturday in the Wichita Mountains Wildlife Preserve in August.  We had the pleasure of spending the day with the new friends Eric has made: a group of Air Force troops from the Dallas area who are going to fighter pilot training.  Those guys are a hoot!  So smart and also smart-alecks at the same time.  What an amazing group of guys.  Let me tell you, if they are an accurate representation of our troops, we can win any battle, any time, any place.  That is, if we can keep them alive long enough to get to the action!

We had a nice day of climbing which they followed up by doing crazy ski tricks on the lake, and no doubt vigorous partying afterward.  Needless to say, us old folks bailed out after the climbing.  It was a good day.


A view of my scenery for the day, it was pretty.  Also unseasonably cool - yea!

 Eric, getting set up for a climb  

These guys are Conrad, Steve, and Luc.  

   This is Brian in mid-climb.
Eric, dropping his very inconspicuous orange rope.
Luc, Steve, Conrad, and Eric.  Contemplating the next climb.
 This is the climbing version of an 'armchair quarterback'.  Just kidding, it's
actually moral support with only a tiny amount of good-natured critiquing.  

 Eric and Conrad.




Warning: Not Intended for Non-Climbers

If I were an artist, I would name the following series, "A Climb In Extreme Detail"

Don't say I didn't warn you.

 And it begins.  Luc is belaying for Eric as he climbs. Choosing gear. 
 Placing gear.  Checking gear.


 Making the next move. Placing gear.
 Checking gear. Making the next move.
 Choosing gear.  Are you noticing a pattern yet?!!!    The dance continues.
 Big step.  
   Don't look down!
 Choosing gear. Ah, something new - chalking up.
 Placing gear. Checking gear.
 Checking out the roof.
Setting some extra secure gear, worthy of catching a fall
from said roof.
Almost ready. Wait for it...
 Wait for it... Making a run for it
 And away he goes.
 Up & over! Now Luc comes along to clean the gear while Eric
belays from above.
   That gear is really in there good!

  My husband, master of the rock.

A parting view of the lake at the Wichitas.  It was a good day to climb.


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