Cowboy Mouth Concert
Thursday, February 13, 2003

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Sure it was a Thursday night and we all had to work on Friday, but it's Cowboy Mouth!  With them it's not a concert, it's an experience! 

They delivered another excellent show, as always.  We were right in front of the stage and even had some interaction with the guys, which was a blast for us!


This was the warm-up band, Maroon 5.  The lead singer had a thing for Amy - on one slow song he actually knelt in front of her while he sang. These things happen to Amy a LOT!

Here's bass player Rob Savoy - catching me taking a picture of him


Lead guitarist (he also plays piano) John Thomas Griffith

Paul Sanchez, guitarist and New Orleans native

Here's Amy, Suzanne, Alan, and PJ - out in the crowd
And here's Fred.  He pours all that energy out into each 
one of us at every show and always leaves us feeling great!!

Here's two more shots of Fred LeBlanc.  At concerts we always make a point to 
get in the 'sweat zone' - which means the area within 6 feet of Fred!


OK, so in the song, "Everybody Loves Jill", there's a point where we all throw red spoons at Fred.  Suzanne brought the spoons for us this time.  Rob saw her handing them out and asked for one for himself.  Here he is with the spoon stuck in the end of his guitar.  Here's Rob again, goofing off


Rob was so sweet, during the concert he actually took Alan's
camera from him and took this picture of us.  Then Fred stopped
the show to ask what was going on.  Somehow Alan and Amy
became "engaged" right quick as an excuse to get the picture taken.
It made sense at the time....
After the show, Paul tore the set list off the stage and gave it to Suzanne.  Later he signed it for her and then so did Fred. 

Here we are posing with it.


This is the whole gang - Alan, me, Amy, Suzanne, Heather, and PJ

They were such troopers to go out on a work night! 
Especially PJ because he was sick, but he didn't let that stand in his way.

 I saved the best picture for last -

 here we are with Fred.  Cool!!!!!


 I'm already looking forward to the next show...

Here are scenes from other past shows in May 2002 & Feb 2002

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