Austin Music Weekend
Feb 28 - March 3, 2003

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This is Jimmy Green on the left, Susan Tedeschi in the middle, and (you'll have to trust me on this one) Jimmie Vaughn jamming with Susan in the picture at the far right.  Jimmie was a surprise guest that night - it was extremely cool.

Jimmy Green was the opening act for Susan and I'm betting he'll be headlining someday, he was very good.  I've been a fan of Susan Tedeschi for several years now and she did not disappoint.  She put on a great show.   

The next day, Eric went off rock climbing and Amy drove over to join me for the Austin Mardi Pardi.  It was billed as a festival, but that is a generous name for 12 booths and two stages in a parking lot.  However, Austin being the great music city that it is, they did book some great bands.  Case in point: Cowboy Mouth.  That's the main reason we went to Austin was to see them play again.

We went to the festival around noon and quickly discovered a Crawfish Eating Contest.  Since Amy grew up right on the Gulf, she happens to be very good and very fast at eating crawfish.  As soon as we found out that the prize was VIP passes to go backstage with the bands, we were all over it!  

Our competitor turned out to be a crawfish eating monster.  We didn't win the VIP passes, but as you'll see, it all worked out for the best in the end.


This picture cracks me up. This is Amy's hand and Fred's arms.  I laugh every time I look at this picture.


Here's Fred doing what he does so well.  
You can tell it's early in the show because his hair is dry!

 Here is John Thomas Griffith, belting one out for us
This is Rob Savoy and Paul Sanchez, having fun and doing their little dance that I love so much to the new song, "Disconnected"
  Amy and I chatted with several people out in the crowd before the show.  One girl remembered us from the Houston show and asked Amy about being engaged.  We had to break it to her that the engagement was already off.

Another lady said, "The last time we saw Cowboy Mouth, Fred brought my son up on stage."  I burst out that we were there that night - it was last February in Austin at La Zona Rosa.  Amy even has a picture of him on stage with Fred.  We thought that was very funny.

So, wouldn't you know it, this time Fred brought the same boy up on stage and his sister got to go as well.  They weren't nearly as happy about it as the parents were, but the kids did great.  



 I've never managed to get all of the guys into one picture before, so this is a fun one for me.

This is me & Amy with Fred at the autograph signing after the show.

Fred is so great about coming out after every show to sign autographs, 
and sometimes one or two of the other band members will come out as well.

We stayed for part of the Spin Doctors concert which followed, but no one can
follow Cowboy Mouth.  We took a cab back to the hotel and were so thrilled to
find Rob Savoy sitting in our hotel lobby - wow!!  The tour bus was going to "Take 
them Back to New Orleans" (sorry, that's one of their songs) that night and they 
were using our hotel to get cleaned up before the trip.  

We swarmed poor Rob and pestered him with autograph requests and questions.  
(FYI - He just got engaged.)  Then we chatted with the merchandise guy, then 
John Thomas Griffith came through so we repeated our 'swarm and pester' maneuver with him.

We decided to hang out in the lobby in hopes that Paul Sanchez would come 
through as well, and while we were waiting Fred came out.  He was so cool to us,
just chatting and joking around.  After he left we had a realization.  If we were still hanging
about in the lobby when Rob and John Thomas got out of their shower, we would surely
have crossed that fine line between avid fan and freaky stalker.  So, we called it a night.

So you see, we got to eat all that crawfish and got our VIP passes too! 


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