Cowboy Mouth Weekend

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Cowboy Mouth is one of the greatest concert bands ever.  On Feb. 2nd, 9 of us loaded into 3 cars and headed to Austin for a show.  We joined up with our friend Rob Jefferson once we got there.  We split up into three groups and spent the day in Austin being tourists.  Then we met for dinner at a wonderful Irish pub called Fado's (pronounced F'doe's) where we enjoyed Boxty (a traditional Irish dish) for the first time.

Then we were off to the concert.  What a great time!  We left there feeling like we could conquer the world.  Unfortunately, I woke up the next day feeling conquered.  Oh well, it was for a good cause.  We had a great time and got home in plenty of time to head over to the Super Bowl party.  Woo Hoo!!!


Waiting on Amy and her crew, then we'll hit the road. The Texas State Capitol - taller than the Nation's capitol, of course!

Julie, Amy, and Brian in front of the capitol building.
  Looking up at inside the dome.

W's painting had only been up for about two weeks.
  Amy & Brian, listening to the tour guide
Looking up (and out) from the 4 story underground annex Looking down on the rotunda

 Eric, Heather, and PJ went rock climbing and hiking around while we were touring the city

Here we are at Fado's for dinner Happy girls
The whole gang And finally, Cowboy Mouth!
 Fred and Robert on stage, Julie and Brian in the foreground    John Thomas and Fred, doing their thing

Robert and Paul

Heather having fun


Two last shots of Fred, making us all feel like we can leap tall buildings with a single bound.  It was so much fun!!


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