Our Trip to Montana - Day 1
Thursday, August 22

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We arrived late Wednesday night and stayed with Lucas and Kristi in Kalispell that night.  They have done a wonderful job fixing up their house, it's really cute!  We were sure happy to have a place to crash after that long day of traveling.

Thursday we headed up to Eureka and went out to where the Casazza brothers are building Larry's lake house.  It is beautiful!  They call it a cabin, but mansion is more like it. 




Dallas was cranking out the caulk in Larry's new house Here we are taking a lunch break
Larry & Mary Beth's "cabin" on Glen Lake The view out one of the front windows
Looking upstairs at the loft Larry was trying to break his neck, oops!  I mean trying to straighten the chimney.  Eric loaned him some climbing shoes for the task.
This is Katie
looking very cute

The Casazza boys at work


Every job needs some supervision

Time for another break.  Supervising will wear you out!
Lucas, lost in thought Lake Koocanusa - across the road from Stone Hill,
the rock climbing area near Eureka

Eric, wondering why he can't live here all summer long

  Eric, Kristi, and Lucas - scouting climbing routes

There's a route on this rock called
Room With a View  which Eric will
be glad to describe in detail.  The
short version is, "extremely scary!"

In deep discussions on the matter  
Here's my climbing boy,
ready for action
  Lucas did a great job belaying Eric, which meant I got to lay in the sun with Kristi and read.  Yea Lucas!

Now it's Luke's turn to climb
Eric, enjoying the view from the top  
He did great, he hadn't
climbed for months but
you couldn't tell one bit.

Now it's time for Lucas to sit back
and enjoy the view (and take a rest!)

The sunset and Rose's beautiful flowers at the ranch

Poor Kristi wanted to climb so bad, but with a little one on the way, decided not to.  

We happened to arrive on Dan & Rose's anniversary, so we had a little celebration for them that night. 
We brought them some Texas wine and chocolate - the makings for a romantic evening!


We were trying to re-create a picture that Eric
was in as a kid, but it didn't quite work out.

There's always a lot of laughs when these boys get together  
It was a full moon so Rose blew her Shofar Then we passed it around and let others try -
which just showed us how good Rose is!

Kaitlyn - I hope I spelled that right!!
Dan, trying to steal a quiet moment  

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