Our Montana Vacation - Day 1
Thursday, September 6
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Eric and I went to Eric's home town of Eureka, MT in early September.  We were there for the wedding of his brother Lucas to Kristi Hanson.  Lucas is sixth of the seven boys, both in birth order and in getting married.  That leaves only Dallas unwed - and I think he will stay that way for some time!

Our first day was a quiet, relaxing day.  Most of the visitors coming in for the wedding had not arrived yet so we had a nice time visiting with Dan and Rose and doing our own thing.

We arrived late on Wednesday night and went straight to the cabin on Glen Lake.  It is so beautiful there, this shot is looking at the lake from the front porch early Thursday morning. After a nice breakfast with Dan and Rose, Dan took us up to "the end of the road" to look at a piece of land.  It's 5 acres with a pond and a year-round stream.  We liked it!
Dan and Eric looking at the pond. Walking the meadow - Eric is way back there in the trees.
Walking the property line. Later that day Eric and I went rock climbing.   This is me taking a breather half-way up a climb.

Day 2 |  Dinner  |  Day 3  | Wedding | Day 4  


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