Austin City Limits Music Festival
September 17 - 19, 2004

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PJ, Heather, Stacie, Tim, and I all went to this festival the first year they had it in 2002.  They didn't have the food thing worked out at the time and we nearly starved.  We weren't brave enough to try again last year, but after hearing good reports we decided to take the plunge and attend again.  We're so glad we did!

Despite the fact that it was so hot we could actually feel our brains cooking inside our heads we had a good time.  There were more than 120 bands on 8 stages over 3 days for 11 hours a day.  It was almost enough music for us!  I made some new friends and got to spend time with long lost friends as well. It was a great time.


 Here's a shot of me and 75,000 of my closest music-loving friends at ACL Fest

 The shade of this tree is always a hot commodity


 More views of the crowds and the festival in general,
courtesy of the Austin American-Statesman


 Here we are on the walk
 to the festival

 Setting up base camp...

 and enjoying 'Asleep At the Wheel'

Me & PJ - already melting in the heat   



I told my friend Rob Jefferson, "I'll meet you at Bob Schneider"

This gives you a view of how completely ridiculous that suggestion turned out to be.
I never did find Rob that weekend....

The Pierces - one of our favorite acts of the weekend Roseanne Cash.  She did a great show despite the heat.


 A professional shot of Roseanne Cash from the AA-Statesman newspaper

 Another AA-Statesman shot, this time of Ryan Adams

 Where's PJ?

 Heather, looking sexy and walking with attitude.
Notice the guy to the left who thinks I'm taking the picture of him.

Los Lonely Boys - Saturday night Sheryl Crow also played on Saturday night.  This picture was 
taken by the AA-Statesman during a Thursday night show.

When we saw her she had on a very short skirt with high heels
that made her legs look approximately 3 miles long.  Lance Armstrong
came out on stage once to bring her a new guitar and steal a kiss.

The gang's all here!  PJ, Heather, Laura, Nathan, Rob, and Jeff This is a story not to be shared with those who did not attend...

Here we are, setting up base camp for the second day
Deadman - a band we liked.  They looked like they took the term "starving artists"
a bit too seriously.
 Heather, PJ, & Nathan taking it all in

 One of the best bands we heard - New Monsoon

 From Los Amigos Invisibles, they were great


This was 'Shields of Faith.'  Nathan & I loved them, they reminded us of our
Southern roots as it sounded like an old-time revival.

 Here we are, on the move to hear more music  

Big Head Todd & the Monsters

   Festival experts in action
Remember Sandy Ray & Chance from my Charlie Robison
?  This is them!  They happened to spot me as I
walked by them in a food line.  Is that awesome or what?!!!
This is a blurry shot of the crowd dancing on stage during 
Solomon Burke
A candid shot of the gang at base camp.  Notice the strategic location near the 
beer tent.  We are also a short stroll from the port-a-potties and in the shade.

Smile, we're ACL'ing!


There were a few other people there besides us that weekend....


This was Trey Anastasio, an ex-Phish band member
He played two sets on Saturday night.

 I tried to get a good shot of this awesome tree.
 It is very popular for it's shade, but then they light
 it up at night and it looks beautiful.  There was 
 also a crescent moon above it.  However, I guess
 I was  a bit shaky too by this point to take low-light
 pictures.  Oh well, you get the idea!
 Major decisions: more music or hit the food area?


 More music!  We're on the move again...

Doesn't this picture remind you of that famous one of the Beatles?



 Deep thoughts during a slow song


One more shot of the sheer number of hot humans attending the festival

 Beth & Barbara Contented men (a.k.a. Jeff, Nathan, and Rob)

Other bands we saw include: The Honorary Title, Franz Ferdinand, The Slip, Particle, Gomez, Patty Griffin, Old 97's, Modest Mouse, and G. Love & Special Sauce

It was a great time. Thanks to my friends for the great weekend.


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