Charlie Robison
Saturday, August 28, 2004

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I attended "College Days" at Tumbleweed's Outdoor Concert area in Stillwater in August 2004, mostly because it was a chance to see Charlie Robison.  He was always a favorite of ours in Houston & Austin.  I met another couple who came all the way from St. Louis to hear Charlie play - now that's dedication!  

It turned out to be an amazing night for me.  I won't spoil the surprise here, the details are below.

 I believe this was "No Justice."  I only caught the end of their act.
"The Great Divide" was supposed to be next so imagine my 
happy surprise when Charlie took the stage!

Charlie does a song called "The Wedding Song" with Natalie Maines from the Dixie Chicks
In concert he always gets a girl or two to come up from the audience and sing Natalie's part.

Despite the fact that (as all my good friends are well aware) I can't sing at all, 
I went up and sang the duet with my new friend Sandy Ray.  It was awesome!

I never would have done it if Sandy hadn't dragged me up there.  I sang terribly but 
remembered all the words so I decided that was the most important thing.

It was a blast!  Thanks Sandy.



    Here we are, happy to be there.
It's strange that professional singers never seem to open their mouths this big...

Sandy, thankfully, did most of the singing.   And then our brush with fame was over...

 Charlie put on a great show, as always.   Charlie's drummer


 Jammin' at the front of the stage


This is Dierks Bentley (on the right.)  He sings, "What Was I Thinkin'"
and is quite a cutie.

Me & Sandy after all the excitement
and autograph requests had died down.

 Here are my new friends - Sandy & Chance all the way from St. Louis.  

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