Austin City Limits Music Festival
Saturday, September 28, 2002

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With the good news about my Dad, I had a lot to celebrate this weekend.  I met Amy & Rob for a Cowboy Mouth concert on Friday night - they were awesome, as always!  Then on Saturday a group of us went to the Austin City Limits Music Festival.  It was a two-day event but most of us just went for Saturday.  It was a good festival except for the extreme shortage of food.  Thank goodness I bought 4 cans of "Pop Nots" early in the day and Heather smuggled in two luna bars and an apple, that's what five people survived on for the entire day!


Here we are at our little "camp."  We had a nice spot under the trees near two of the stages.


The hat really belongs to Stacie, but Tim and PJ just had to try it on. 

The gang is at the left, we loved how the field was open except for the shady area under the tree.  The trees were more popular than the stages!  


We're all smiles

This is Heather trying to talk Eric into staying
the night with us (he had been rock climbing)


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