Women on Target
September 8, 2006

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This was the 7th annual Women on Target event, it is the largest women's instructional shooting event in the United States.  This was my second time to participate (the last time was in 2004.)  This time there were 200 ladies in attendance.  I went by myself but was happy to run into my friend from church and the Edmond Republican Women's club, Stacie Dillard.  We had a good time hanging out and shooting different kinds of guns.  We got great weather too.
Here I am with a .45 caliber semi-automatic pistol.  I also got to shoot a .22
pistol with holographic sights and a 9mm semi-automatic.  It was fun!
Here is Stacie pinging the targets with a .45

 A representative was there from Smith & Wesson, they brought the biggest hand
  gun currently made - the S&W .500 Magnum.  It has a 10 1/2" barrel and 
retails for almost $1,500.  The bullets cost $2 each.

I was a little worried about shooting it but this lady had no fear. Here Stacie tries it out.
 He said I had to lean way forward
 in order to not end up on my butt!

 Here we are on the .22 Rifle range.

 This was my view of the group photo.  Look for us in the NRA magazine!  Here we are shooting AR-15s - semi-automatic military style rifles.
 I was not allowed to put my hand too close to the trigger here because my
 instructor was the one taking the picture.
This makes it look like Stacie was shooting at the wildlife!  This was 
actually the last shot that gun took, it jammed and "died" after this.


 Here we are on the shotgun range.
 We shot clay pigeons with 20-gauge  


Although you can see my target whole and unharmed in this shot,
I actually did pretty well here.  I really enjoyed shooting skeet.
(I wish I would have leaned forward more though.)



They let me move to a different spot and shoot them coming from both directions.



Here Stacie takes her turn.  She is actually right-handed 
but left-eye dominant, so she has to shoot left-handed.  

   There she goes, nailing another one.  We shut
 this range down - we shot until they ran out of shells! 

It was a great event, I would recommend it to any women who are interested in shooting.  
Here are a couple of links from two of the sponsors: Women on Target, OKC Gun Club


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