Women On Target
Saturday, September 11, 2004

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This was my first time to attend the annual 'Women on Target', the largest instructional shooting event for women in the U.S.  There were 250 women in attendance and an incredible number of volunteers and sponsors.  It was held at the Oklahoma City Gun Club, which is actually not in OKC but in the small town of Arcadia, near Edmond.  

It was an all-day, women-only event that let us try many different kinds of guns in a very non-threatening atmosphere.  To give an example of how non-threatening it was I will provide a couple of comments that I overheard during the day, "My earrings are getting caught in my ear protection."  and, "It doesn't matter how accurate you shoot as long as you look good holding the gun."  Where else do door prizes alternate between a Sea Salt Scrub and a .22 pistol?  It was great.  

Here I am demonstrating terrible form with a shotgun, shooting skeet.
If I leaned back any further I'd have fallen over backwards!!  
I did shoot 3 of them though.  Yea Me!
This is my friend Jonni on the pistol range.  We met
through the OKC Outdoor Network.  She was great 
company that day.
 Here I am with a .38 revolver And now with a 9mm pistol in an action shot. I thought this was 
cool how you can see it kicking and ejecting the casing.

(It was kicking, I was not shooting at birds!)


Many of my new friends from the 
Edmond Republican Women's club
were there that day so we gathered
for a group picture.
 I'm in the back, just to the left of the banner.

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