Hootie & the Blowfish - Front Row!
Saturday, May 24, 2003

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Vegas Trip

OK, most everyone who knows me knows I'm a huge fan of Hootie & the Blowfish.  Don't just think of Cracked Rear View, which got so overplayed it made Brittany Spears look fresh - everything they've done since has been even better but radio won't give them a chance.

Anyway, I love them.  During Heather's Bachelorette weekend in Vegas, my girlfriends and I attended an HBF concert at the Stratosphere Outdoor Theater.  This is my third time to see them, last time I was 3rd row but they didn't allow cameras.  This time we were front row and I took 3 rolls of film.  It was very loud (we could FEEL each drum beat) but I thought that only enhanced the experience.  Here are some of the pictures from that night.  They did two encores - it was a great show!

 Here they are, just starting up and having fun already  

 Mark always has a lot of energy and is fun to watch

   It's hard to catch Dean smiling, but I got him here!


I got this bodyguard arm in a picture by accident, but then I just had to put it on here.

If this guy is 'hired muscle', they certainly got what they paid for!!

 Soni, doing his thang


 Here's me with the guys





The following is a series I took while Darius was singing, "Closing Time"

It was great and I couldn't pick between all these pictures so I'm posting them all!


Heather, Tammy, & Amy during one of the encores

Darius giving us a final goodbye


Happy concert girls - thanks to the nice concert dude for taking the picture!  


Here's some promotional info we picked up about the show:




My only regret from the show was that they didn't play anything off of Darius' solo album, which is completely awesome. 

I also love this song off of Mark Bryan's solo record called, "Drinking you Pretty"  I wish they'd have played that one for laughs.   

I can't wait until the next show!!


Vegas Trip



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