Girls Gone Wild in Vegas!
May 24 - 27, 2003

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Hootie Concert

Here are some scenes of the fun we had during Heather's Bachelorette weekend in Las Vegas.  Our two theme phrases of the weekend were, "So what are we doing?"  and "He's hot!"  

Here we are in the airport, ready to go.  We made poor Heather wear the boa so she would get special treatment on the plane. 
(And to warn others that we were going to be rowdy!)

 Here we are with some of the special treatment now...



Southwest Airlines was wonderful to us - they collected 'advice cards' from the other passengers for Heather, gave her a care package, and the pilots gave her advice on divorce lawyers in the Houston area.

  Here we are making the best of our wait at the baggage claim



Since we had so many girls, we decided the only sensible thing was to travel in limos all weekend.
Yes, we were being sensible here, we promise!


 Here we are, Stacie Gibbons has joined us now.
We're all spiffed up for the Hootie & the Blowfish concert. 



  At dinner before the concert.  The wait staff all sang and danced during dinner. 


Since I'm such a big fan, I've made a separate page for all my pictures of the:
Hootie & the Blowfish Concert



Afterward, Tammy won $115 in nickels (it took us forever to do that math!)

Then we went dancing and made friends with 3 crazy cousins.

Here's one of the crazy cousins now, one of the calmer
cousins is in the middle back there with Heather.
    Sexy babes in action!
 Amy, still recovering from knee surgery, was a trooper  Stacie, holding up the dance pole



 Oops!  This started out as a sexy dance, we promise!!


Here we are in another limo 
on the way back to the hotel



Crazy Girls - 
In front of our hotel, 
the Imperial Palace

 The next day most of us dressed in red tank tops - without meaning to!  


 One of the highlights of the day was a tour of the M&M factory store

 Here we are with our cool glasses and free candy after the 3-D movie, and posing with the M&M race car



We spent some time with some of
Heather's college friends as well.
They were very cool.



These are some of the lions in the MGM Grand hotel exhibit



 We were so excited by this 'brush with fame' - running into Snoop on TV right outside the hotel!

It was only later we started wondering why he would be at the Imperial Palace without an entourage,
then we learned that there was a celebrity impersonator conference in town starting that day.  Oops!  


Now we're ready for some serious entertainment.  
We're nearly ready to leave for the Chippendale's show &
 Heather's got some awesome cleavage going on.

Here we are, all together
But before we left we gave Heather a gift bag which 
included "naked dude" cards. 

  It's sad that out of 52 guys, most of the cards rated only a look of revulsion!


 Here we are waiting for our sushi order

 And here are our legs, waiting for sushi also

   Waiting (impatiently) in line, "Bring on the Chippendales!!"

One of the acts on the 
floating stage at the Rio
Heather, suited up
in her veil - it was 
even more effective
than the boa for getting
special treatment!

 Here's some special treatment now...


As you can see, there was plenty to go around...


This was the opening number, but I got in trouble for taking pictures so it's the only one we have.
   Pretty girls
 Here we are at Rio after the show The "off duty" Chips just happen to hang out here


For the rest of the girls, the night went on through the next sunrise

Now we're on to the following day.  Since I was lame the
night before and went to bed early, I went shopping that
morning while the other girls slept.

This is a shot of the ridiculous costumes these poor 
men have to wear at the Venice casino.


Here we are at the fountains at the Bellagio

 Here's Amy and some other people with the horse at FAO Schwartz  



Heather, taking it all in

 Then later, taking a rest


 On our last night we went to see
 George Carlin at MGM Grand

On the airport shuttle, looking back at the Rio (where the Chippendale's show was held.)  Ah, good times. 

 One more group shot before the 
airport shuttle lady kicked us out.


Hootie Concert



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