Final Rice Village Pub Crawl (again!)
December 5, 2002

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We used this excuse to have a pub crawl back in August, but this time we really mean it!  On Friday, Dec. 13, many of the G&G (that means Geo-Heads to you non-oil people) will move to their new ConocoPhillips offices, located in BFE - otherwise known as West Houston.   

This was my first outing with my new digital camera, not the soda cracker sized one with no flash, my new all-purpose digital camera that Eric gave me for my birthday (which is still a few weeks away, but who's counting?!)   My friends were very helpful in taking pictures, and as a result, I ended up in more of my own pictures than ever before.  Fun for me! 


We started the evening at Two Rows.

Here we are, celebrating that we found a parking space.
Now we're ready to party!



   This was the advance party, the first to stake out our claim on Brian O'Neill's (one of my favorite haunts in Houston.)  We have the look of intrepid explorers, don't we?



We hadn't seen Doug and Myra Parker for MONTHS.  It was a real treat to visit with them again.
  You sank my Battleship!  



Now we're at Little Woodrow's, always the favorite on the Pub Crawl circuit.  This is Tammy doing a stylish trick shot.  Ritchie looks on, clearly impressed...





Here's me & Ron with a gang of comedians behind us

We were not aware of the sign above us, but we
did wonder why the photographer was laughing at us.









Tammy, after accidentally sinking the 8 ball.
I think she was a bit disappointed.



    I never knew just how much Ritchie admired Nigel!


Me and Stacey

One of the best things about Little Woodrow's is that the 
Istanbul Grill (with it's excellent pita & hummus) is next door.



   These three are having a ball.  But what I really want 
to know what's up with Lisa's finger!



I mostly sucked at pool, but I had one good run near the end which helped to redeem me in the eyes of my peers. The pool groupies


Stacey and Lisa


    Look!!  A picture of Jenny with her eyes open!!


I have no idea who these people are, or even if they're in our group

I think this is Gary & Nancy, but I may have their names wrong.
It's a cute picture, though, isn't it?


Truong & Jenson

Just a guess, but I would
assume they are making 
wise cracks and goofing off












This is:  Eric's fake smile, Heather's real smile,
and PJ's sneaky look.


   You can just call him "Rico Suave" 

This is how two single guys cover the whole
bar when checking for hot chicks.


    Bill & Ron



  Me & Bill  



  Two pictures of Jenny with her eyes open - score!!  Stacie is entertaining the troops



Stacie is leaving us soon,  I miss her already!  


 I don't know these guys, I hope she does!

I wanted to make a comment on how PJ is holding that beer
bottle, but that would be just too juvenile - so make up your own!



     My friend PJ






Thom, enjoying his first night in the U.S.
Eric, being his usual jovial self
and Scott, mellow as always



I think the Brits may be plotting something here...   




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