Farewell Phillips Pub Crawl
Thursday, August 15 2002

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"Day 1" of the newly merged ConocoPhillips company looms in the near future.  We decided to celebrate these historic last days at 'the company formerly known as Phillips' by having a pub crawl.  We had a great evening, thanks in large part to the excellent tab support provided by Pete Cramer & Heather Rosenstein (via Bill Trojan. Go Heather, finally some purchasing power!!)   


Here we are at Two Rows. Except for the "Barley Wine Incident", everything went smoothly at this bar. 
We even left there within 15 minutes of our scheduled departure time - practically unheard of for a pub crawl!

Now we find our heros at the ever popular Brian O'Neill's pub.  We all enjoyed the first rain-free hour of the day by hanging at the patio bar.

PJ with Pete Cramer, now known as the "Tab-Meister"

Megan & Amy, hamming for the camera.
I love people who do that!

And here we are at Little Woodrow's.  We got down to the serious business of pub crawling at this bar and overstayed our schedule by over an hour.  That's more like it!
PJ is telling the story of how he lost his pinky finger

These two have the look of men watching TV. 


This is what happens when you give the
camera to a drunk person!

  These guys are up to no good!

 Burge explaining the Zen of playing pool Chris applying his newfound knowledge

Everybody line up!

Is Chris trying to act coy?  We know better!



Elliot is not buying this Tall Tale!




At this point Eric escorted me home. I assume the gang completed the schedule and continued to the GingerMan from here. I know everyone really enjoyed themselves.  We certainly did our best to send Phillips off in style!

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