Lincoln County Fair
August 25 - 27, 2016

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The fair is a big deal in Eureka, and rightly so.  Nearly the whole town is involved in some way, mostly in volunteering to make the event the success it always is.  There are a lot of cool activities and exhibits.  I attended all three days of the fair this year and even entered a few things in the judging.  I wanted to be a part of such a great American tradition.  It was a blast! 
Thursday night there was a demonstration of horse teams.  The first was by Ora Jay
and Irene who work together with their team to do amazing things.
Their horses are so beautiful

This lady and her husband demonstrated a different kind of horse team, but now I 
can't remember what it was called.  They race competitively around the country. 

  Now we've moved on to the Friday night Family Games Night.
Here Smokey the Bear gives the thumbs up to a ranger.
Our pastor Eli coaxing his kids to leave the area behind the chutes  This was the best mutton busting outfit by far.  He looks exactly like
a miniature bull rider!
Let the mutton busting begin!  This girl started well but... somehow she ended up in a big pile-up with her sheep!
 Another one bites the dust. Our mini-bull rider getting an assist as he heads for the ground.
Marion comforts his son after an unsuccessful ride. Not sure if this is help or hindrance here! 
I think you call this a "death grip", that boy looks terrified! He did OK though. Sack races
Another, "Is this help or hindrance?" situation


In this game, the small kids put their shoes in a pile and run behind the line.  The shoes
are tossed about, then they race to find them, put them on, and cross the finish line.
Notice the collision in progress in the lower middle of the picture? 

The race is on to find their shoes

The aftermath of the collision mentioned above  
 Grant succeeds.  I hate to imagine how the dirt on his socks feels
 inside those boots.
Now it is time for the chicken catching.  One lady tries for crowd control as the 
chickens are released.
 Run chicken run!  I love how Grant's arms are thrown up in pure glee. The "golden" chicken was worth 5 bucks.  
Sweet Jocelyn is checking on the chickens inside the kennel
I thought the only prize was $5, but this kid seems to be taking home one
of the chickens! 
Stella drives the wheelbarrow for her team in the wheelbarrow races Now the older kids get a turn, they chase steers to retrieve the ribbon from the tail.
I'm told the ribbons were tied tightly so you had to run along trying to undo the knot This girl is going skiing 
Marion giving his kids a VIP seat for the show Brooklyn almost got the ribbon, she stayed with him for a long time before she crashed
I suspected these three-legged racers were headed for trouble... And I was right!  Mom came to the rescue to put them upright again. 

The newspaper included this sweet picture of the adorable Eash kids.  Eli, LeRoy, and
Marion's kids are taking in the show.  
Meanwhile, in the exhibit building, we have quilts - my favorite! 


It seems everyone in this town quilts, so there were a lot of beautiful things to see. I included my "Rolling Waves" quilt even though the effect doesn't show up in real life.
I also entered my "Woven Rail Fence" quilt that I'd just finished. Imagine my surprise when it won 2nd in it's category!  I was so thrilled.

Some of the smaller beautiful quilted items on display

 I love the colors in this quilt.  
 Another great use of color and amazing quilting My favorite display from the exhibit hall
My picture (the huge one) won 1st place in it's category!  This is one of the best shots
I've ever taken, and I spent about 3 seconds on it.  God did all the work. 
I'm told parts of the Saturday logging competition are pretty exciting.
This stage was not so much, but still fun to see the kids trying it out.
  Saturday night's big event was so big it gets its own page, The Bull Thing.

A great fair was had by all!  


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