The Bull Thing
August 27, 2016

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The grand finale of the Lincoln County Fair is "The Bull Thing", a huge PBR bull riding event.  It is always a highlight of the summer for me.  This year Eric was away so I attended with Dan & Rose.  It was an adventure, as always. 
Part of the dramatic opening ceremony.   Very few bulls were ridden, including this painful-looking dismount before the 8 second buzzer.


I think this guy might have made for the full 8 seconds.  I didn't keep track of the stats very well. 


The bull fighters jumping in, doing their best to protect the rider. This bull looks like he is clicking his heels
This bull fighter got injured in a tussle with a bull and thought he might have broken his 
nose. No biggie, he stuffed some cotton in it and got right back out in the arena. 
Ride 'em cowboy
I like it when you can see the look on the rider's face.  It helps me understand how hard this is. This bull is turning himself into a complete circle!  How is a rider supposed to stay on that?

A bad situation for the rider's future health and well-being.  He was OK. 

  This is a series of 3 shots.  See the bull's sideways movement and the snot flying?
Then he flips around in completely the opposite direction, snot still flying. And finally, he brings his head around to head butt the rider on the way down.  Those big
white streaks in the air are, you guessed it, more snot.  This guy needs some Flonase! 
I love this facial expression.  It's like he's at the top of a roller coaster that he wishes he
hadn't agreed to ride.
Check out how high this bull is from the ground! 


 In these two shots, the bull fighter gets the bull to leave the arena by using himself as bait.  It looked like a close call from my seat! 

I liked how this picture shows the bull stretched out to his full length Another bad situation for the rider, but it could have been much worse.  Look at how the left horn 
is wrapped just around his shoulder.  Two inches in either direction and he would have been hurt. 
Our friend Timothy (on the left side of the clown) participated in a fun "spontaneous" 
dance during an intermission.   
The whole thing was a wonderful show.  I am proud of little Eureka for having such a big event.

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