Cassy & Serene visit
July 2017

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We were both honored and thrilled to get a visit from our dear friend Cassy and her sweet Serene.  They had just been on a two-week family RV honeymoon trip - congrats Cassy!  They were getting a little tired, but they were game for all the activities we could think up for them.  We had a great time with lots of adventures.  These pictures are a combination of the ones taken by Cassy and by me.  Thanks for sharing your great shots with me Cassy! 
Eric had been at Stillwater Canyon rock climbing when I picked them up at the airport, 
so we went down there to check out the area.
The hummingbird nest was full of babies!  So adorable.  
 Eric boosting Serene up for a better look at the hummingbird nest. The next day we made the trip to Glacier Park.  This little guy was the first to greet us. 
Newlywed Cassy spotted this awesome love rock on the shore of Lake McDonald It's all heart!
 Serene took this great shot of her mom  Beautiful girls and a beautiful spot
 The gang by Lake McDonald Eric and the girls on an overlook above the river

Me & E

  Serene checking out the falls

The top of McDonald Falls

  Eric hasn't yet gained her trust


  Cassy got a good workout on our hikes
 Tunnel in Going to the Sun road One of my favorite views in the park
  My car looking good in such pretty surroundings, hosting Eric for a nap while we play in the snow.
Finding snow in late July is always a treat.  
 Snowball fight!  Going for more ammo
 Tickle break Snacking on the snow

Deep thoughts about her little chunk of snow

  Isn't she so pretty? 
 Eric is awake now, so the real snowball fights can start Serene gets him with a sneak attack from behind

 Glacier Park is full of truly amazing views 


Here's an amazing view too, my handsome man! 

  Group photo with the beauty all around us

These girls were such troopers! 

  Bear Grass in the mountains
 Even Cassy likes bear grass, she took this one.  So there!   Serene, pointing out a family of mountain goats
  This little guy was always climbing, climbing, climbing.  He had so 
much energy, reminding me of a certain nephew I know...
 Developing problem-solving skills The mountain goats are just over her shoulder in this clever shot

This was my first time to see a baby mountain goat, so bear with me as I 
include too many pictures.

This one looks like it's saying, "Keep it down out there would ya?  I'm trying to take a nap over here!"  

Mountain meadows as seen from a short hike we took near the visitor center

  A different mountain goat seen on our walk

Eric takes a turn being Serene's ride through the park Aren't these clouds amazing over this beautiful scenery? 
If I remember my Geology 101, this is a glacial bowl ...and a hanging valley
Now it's Saturday and we're all rested up.  We're off on a walk around our property. But first we must wade in the irrigation ditch and look for pretty rocks. 

Walking along the lake

 She was great at finding pretty rocks  
Watching a loon  Pointing out our house

Eric, lifting Serene so she can pick Boysenberries

  We ate a lot of berries on this walk! 
 Here we are on a quick trip to the Historical Village in town & some shopping  
 Next we're off on a rock climbing adventure at Stone Hill.   Serene watches the climbing, not sure she sees the attraction.
 This was the first chance Cassy had had to rock climb in ages She was still great at it! 
Serene and I watched this chipmunk get into some other climbers' stuff.  It was cute. Serene found a pet worm at the climbing area
 Taking a break for some swimming in Lake Koocanusa  Lake Koocanusa
Visiting Eric's mother Rose for a tea party.   Serene, Mark, me, and Eric enjoying the tea party
 But not as much as Serene enjoyed the huckleberry pie!  Now we're off to the Tobacco Valley Rodeo.  It rated it's own page on my site. 
 Serene was thrilled to meet the trick riders and get their autograph.  


This mouse got stuck in the window well of their room while they stayed with us.  
It was great fun for them to watch as Eric tried to catch it.  We finally had to leave
him with a ladder to figure out his own escape. 
 Cassy sent us this from the plane as they headed back to real life.  It was a great visit!   

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