Tobacco Valley Rodeo
July 2017

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We were in the midst of enjoying our time with Cassy & Serene when the time came for the annual Tobacco Valley Rodeo.  Eric's Dad accompanied us for a great evening's entertainment, and some chatting with local friends.  A good time was had by all. 
Mutton Bustin' is always a highlight of any event.  This cowgirl lost her hat, but seemed
to feel right at home on her wild ride.
This sheep must have been "Steel Wool" or maybe "Baaad To the Bone", they also had 
one named "Coyote Killer."  
 Junior bronc riding  This little Shetland looks harmless, but I'll bet I know one boy who would disagree

My point exactly.

  Now on to the grown up riding, which also looks a bit painful.

Hippity-hop races, I think the prize was a rifle

  Two trick riders put on a great demonstration
 Upside down riding She isn't falling off, just riding around this way.  Hope she washes her hands afterward!!  
 Woo hoo!  It was too dark for me to get very many good shots of the bull riding. Here you see a clown doing a good job. 
 Airborne!   Unscheduled landing

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