AIS Pumpkin Carving Contest
Friday, October 30, 2005

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This was my second year to participate in the pumpkin carving contest at AIS.  You can see scenes from my newbie year here.  As you will be able to see by the pictures, a good time was had by all.


 Here Shanna watches the action, John shows off his power carving tools, and Mowen gives us "Blue Steel."  

 My team was Matt Sutherland, Larque Piatt, and me.  Here's a team photo of Matt Owen, Ashley LeGrange, and Karla Sutherland.

 Ron, Shanna, and Susan made up another team.  The night crew also had their own team.












Jennifer went so far as to miss work to escape being on John & Noel's team.

Hey, wait a minute, Charles was on my team and he missed work too!

 Intense concentration was required for such delicate work Larque was in the spirit of things
 Susan's daughter Julia joined us as a pumpkin judge
They look so intense.  You would think they were doing something 
 serious like performing an operation or setting up a practical joke


 Pressed for time, this team all worked on the pumpkin at once Ron building pumpkin sculpture
 Matt doesn't seem happy with our progress here... It appears they were dubious about their own pumpkin's progress here as well.
 Oh, such teamwork.  This is also how we write code at AIS. A glimpse of the diorama pumpkin
 Julia decided to join in and carve one too Noel & John's "AIS Web Site" pumpkin.  
  Can you say brown-nosers?!!
 I'll bet you can guess who carved this one.
And this pumpkin needs no introduction.  This was 
Matt, Ashley, and Karla's pumpkin.
 This is Ron, Susan, & Shanna's to the left and Matt S., Larque, & mine to the right.  Then a clearer shot of the diorama pumpkin above.


Once we had all the candles burning, Noel thought
it might be a good idea to locate the fire extinguisher.
The first one is Dennis, Matt Briggs, and Dana's from the night crew.  Here
we were doing a video conference to Houston to show them our creations.

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