AIS Pumpkin Carving Contest
Friday, October 29, 2004

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It's an age-old tradition at AIS to have a pumpkin carving contest.  Here are some scenes from this year's festivities.
 Ron works on the second place design Dana works on the blue-ribbon winner until her wrist starts to hurt her.

 Kevin, concentrating completely on his work

 Shanna, Larque, Ron, and Matt

 Shanna working under Ron's direction Kasey believes in fondling his pumpkin before beginning the carving process
 Vasu in his first pumpkin-carving experience Is it just me or does Ron look very pleased with himself?
 Shanna, putting on the finishing touch Ours:Vasu/Chris/me (on the far left), Kevin/Matt/Jennifer's, Kasey/Dana/Karla's, and Ron/Shanna/Matt's

 Dennis & Matt from the night crew had what I felt was the best design.  However, the prizes were: Kasey/Dana/Karla 1st place, Ron/Shanna/Matt 2nd.  Congrats!


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