Ode to Zack

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We had to let our little Zackie go in May of 2010.  We had him for 17 years, 12 of which he had diabetes.  He did really excellent until late 2009 when age and the disease started to get the better of him.  We kept him for as long as we felt it was humane to do so.  He was such a treasure.

Zack was love - and nothing else.  All he wanted was to love on anyone who would pick him up and hold him.  He and I slept face-to-face for many years. He was such a snuggler.  I made this page for myself so that I can come here to relive my memories of him from time to time.  

I couldn't bear to go to the pound, so Eric brought baby Zack and Fuzz to me.  Who could resist this face?!
 I was so thrilled with my little bundles of happiness  Here is a blurry shot of his kitten cuteness.
Sometimes they would topple end-over-end when
trying to go down the stairs when they were tiny guys.
 Here, a very young Lucas & Dallas entertain Zack and Fuzz
 Those two were such a pair They got into all sorts of adventures together
 They tussled a LOT And liked to pose like bookends
 They shared toys...
and endured the "treat" of a trip to the park with harnesses and 
leashes together.  I think I scarred them for life that day. 

Most of all, they shared naps. 
Lots of LONG naps.
  He had a white under-fur that made it hard to get a good
picture of him.  But that way he could shed on any color
of clothing and it would still show - a valuable kitty skill!
 He was our climber.  Here he balances on top of a door.
Fuzz is about to take his turn with the toy whether
Zack likes it or not.  That's how it worked with them.
Zack was a lover, not a fighter.  Fuzz was a fighter.

There's the sweet face I miss so much.
 This is one of about 2 million belly rubs that he
 received over the years.  That cat LOVED it when 
 Eric rubbed his belly.  I however, could not do it right.

He often had this blank look on his face, whereas Fuzz
always knew what was going on. 
   He would cry something awful when we took him outside
 but we don't know why because he liked it out there.

This is how we liked to sleep, with our 
faces right up against each other.
 On bird patrol with his brother.  Notice who has
 the better spot of being closer to the window.
 This is about the time that a sister came into the picture - Prissy.
 Zack was at the bottom of the pecking order in the house, he just
 wouldn't be mean enough to get his bluff in on the other two. 
The boys, posing again

This was not the snuggle that it appears, it was more of a battle of wills.  
I'm sure Zack gave in and jumped down shortly after this was taken. 
   These guys were excellent nappers.


Another shot of his pretty face. Here Eric bundles him up and (of course) he likes it.
 Here he is at Christmas one year, looking as cute as could be.
We had pictures done for our anniversary in 2009
and got this great shot of us with our precious Zack.
 He loved him some grass for a snack.
Here he lets us know that it is time for bed and he 
does not appreciate our being late! 
 I bought him this bed when his brother Fuzz died.
 We think he felt it was a good trade.  He loved his 
 "Muffin Cup" as we called it. 
One of the last pictures I took of him - he 
got really skinny his last 6 months or so.

This was his first encounter with Rocket, and their relationship did not improve from
here.  We just kept them separate, with Rocket living outside during the day and
staying in the guest room at night.  It was nice to have Rocket around after we lost
Zack.  Now we have Feisty too - a new era in the Casazza cat world.  

Each cat brings something special and unique to our household and I love them all.
However, I doubt I'll ever have another cat that captured my heart as much as Zack did.
He was the sweetest little thing I've ever had the pleasure to know.  


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