Christmas in Westville
December 24 - 28, 2003

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I usually am too busy having fun to take pictures when I'm home, but I did get a few this time.  Christmas Eve is also my birthday, so I get to open my gifts early in the day then we all open Christmas gifts later that night.  We got to see a lot of people this year, did a lot of stretching, got great weather, Eric got to climb (and Dad even belayed for him!) and we had a great visit with Mom & Dad.  It was a very nice trip.
Me showing off a Christmas ornament of my High School Me with another nice birthday gift - some pretty PJ's 

Me & Gran - 
Ready to open 
Christmas gifts

Passing out the loot


Me & Mom.  I wasn't actually sleepy, I just look that way.

   Desirae with a new shirt, "Cute but psycho"
The great race!  We had to finish the puzzle before Christmas 
dinner the next day at noon.  We barely made it!
 I think we had enough food, don't you?!
Ernie & Rhonda Doyle
came over to spend the 
day with us.
  Desirae opening her birthday gifts from me.  Her birthday
is January 10 but I won't see her then.

  Eric doing the post-meal snooze 

We went over to visit Uncle Larry's family but only caught the men-folk.  Here's Brent & Larry relaxing.


Our old friends (like since I was born) Steve & Karen Slate came over. 
Steve didn't want his picture taken.  Too bad!!!
   Karen & Mom swapping stories
I rode a bike while Mom ran on Sunday.  I also took a few pictures of the Westville countryside that I thought were pretty

Here she is, doing
her very favorite thing!
This is the view of Mom running that most racers see!
  Very pretty view  

Home again.  This is the cats
checking out their gift - a rabbit's
foot key chain.  They love it!

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