Winning Women I
February - May 2004

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This spring I participated in a personal development workshop at church called Winning Women.  It was a great experience where I learned a lot about myself and also made some very good friendships.  Here are some pictures from our last two sessions. 
 Here's a candid shot of our table in early May Renee and Jana - Renee is always entertaining and Jana
is always smiling.  They make a great pair.

Here we are with Pastor Nancy.  Markeita is explaining 
the significance of the spirit stick that we made together.
  Here are the girls at a neighboring table who we made friends with.  
They are  explaining their stick.
 Having fun, as always...
Here's our group including our leader Gina, she was a great help 
and a wonderful motivator.

 Here we are - the "Passionate Pinks"
We truly are Winning Women!


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