Women On Target - NRA Shooting Event
September 8, 2012

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My friends Ellie & Rose went with me to the Women on Target shooting event on Saturday. We had beautiful weather, shot lots of guns, and a great time was had by all. 


Here we are: 400 women, ready to shoot stuff! 

 Me, Rose, and Ellie

 We started the day at the .22 rifle range.


 Girls with guns

 This is Whitey - what a character.  These are antique guns from his
 personal collection.  
Now we're on the AR-15 range.  
 Dead-eye Ellie  You can see the casing flying in this one - headed straight for me! 
 Rose kept on shooting even when her ear protection slid off.
 (Don't worry, she also had in ear plugs.)  
The lunch is a total carb-fest each year, so 
I've learned to pack my own.  The girls liked it. 
 My view of the group picture of 400 women.  It was an unruly crowd!  Now we're off to shoot skeet.  I have trouble with leaning back.
 I think the gun is longer than Rose is tall!  It knocked her
 back into the wall behind her with each shot.  
Both girls had sore shoulders after all of this. 
 My beautiful friends Rose at the pistol range.  She has an Angie Dickinson thing going on.  
 Ellie, enjoying herself and looking like a pro. Some of the pistols we shot.  They were all supplied by the wonderful
volunteers who staff the event.
 Me with a casing flying out. By the end of the day, we were tired.
 Pistol-packin' mommas.  

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