Women on Target
September 6, 2008

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My friend Lisa and her niece Hayleigh went with me to the Women on Target event.  It's an annual event for women that lets us shoot lots of different kinds of guns.  Hayleigh was a natural with guns - she hunts all the time with her dad.  The most amazing part of the day was when Hayleigh won the grand prize of a televised deer hunt with "Wild Oklahoma."  She was so excited!  
 Here, Lisa shows her skill with a .22 rifle Here I shoot an AR-15, they were loud!
 Hayleigh ran through her allotted ammo in a flash! Lisa & Hayleigh look more alike than Lisa & Mary Katherine!
Guess who was first in the food line?  (OK, I was 3rd so I can't talk!) Happy shooters

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