Women on Target 
September 8, 2007

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Each year the NRA sponsors a great event at the Oklahoma City Gun Club called Women on Target.  You get lots of personalized instruction and you get to shoot many different kinds of guns. This year I went with three friends plus two from Church of the Harvest.  A great time was had by all!  
 Here we are shooting the semi-automatics, it was fun. They had us load the cartridges and everything. 
 A look down range. Stacy had to sit in an awkward position to get at the right angle. 
 Speaking of awkward shooting positions, this lady takes the cake!! Kim learning all the details. 
 This guy has a display of antique guns and gives a history of them. He also provided some gear so we could experience some of what
our brave troops wear all the time - it was heavy gear!!

 Here I am at the skeet range where we got rained on a little.  I tell myself to lean forward but there I am leaning back again.  
I did pretty well though and had a great time. 

 Our gang, contemplating the situation. We had two Stacies in our group that day.  Here Stacy #2 shoots skeet.
 Dead-eye Kim, on the ready. Stacy #1 was blown backward after every shot! 
 My friends Misty & Stacy D. from church.  Yes, half the
ladies there that day were named Stacy!
 Ron Black and Suzi Rouse - event coordinators, giving out prizes.
 Ready for some pistol shooting! Stacy shoots first.
 Stacy shoots second. I go next but don't seem to be too pleased.
Here I am leaning back again! Kim, looking confident with her laser sights.
 Now we're on to the .22 rifle range, lots of fun!  
 This shows the little targets we had which spin around if you hit one. Stacy killing a metal rooster.

Too much concentration?!  


 One last shot then we all headed home.
 It was a great day!

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