Wichitas with Iris
November 13, 2009

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Eric and I enjoyed a trip to the Wichita Mountains Wildlife Refuge with our new Chinese friend Iris one Friday afternoon.  Iris, from Beijing, doesn't encounter many large animals in the normal course of her life.  It was a great joy to introduce her to so many new things.  We had a full day and enjoyable day. 
A longhorn we saw as soon as we got into the park.   The first buffalo Iris encountered. 

They weren't doing much, but Iris was glad to see them anyway.

 Next we visited the Prairie Dog Farm.
 Iris could not understand why they would be called dogs...

Iris took this nice picture of us in front of the prairie dogs.

Here Iris and I lurk outside a prairie dog home.
Iris had recently had a bike wreck that hurt her 
face so she was wearing large glasses to cover
the injury.

On a hike we took into The Narrows.
 Happy to be outdoors instead of in my windowless office. Beautiful scenery.

Lizard on the trail, he lost his tail somewhere.

   We ran into some rock climber friends of Eric's on the hike.
 More scenery. Eric can't go to the Wichitas without climbing at least a little. 
   Back on the hike - going through a little hole in the rock on the trail. 
 Lovely sunset behind Mt. Scott After our cookout we warmed ourselves by the fire a bit.  Great day!

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