Wichita Mountains with Ellie & Larry
November 7, 2010

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While enjoying a visit from Eric's oldest brother Larry, we decided to take a day trip to the Wichita Mountains.  This is where Eric spends most of his time on weekends.  We also brought along our Korean friend Ellie, as she has always wanted to see the park and the animals there.  We had a great day.  
 We started the day with a hike through The Narrows  

Casazzas in love
 This hike includes a part where you have to climb through a tunnel and walk
 on a narrow ledge near the top - it gets a little scary to us flat-landers!
 The view from the top of the hike Next we visited the Prairie Dog town

 Those little guys were squeaking up a storm  You normally see bunches of Buffalo out there on any given visit, but
 this day we only saw one and he was mooning us. 
 Watching the sun set on top of Mt. Scott  
We finished the trip with dinner at Fisherman's Cove, which gets
two thumbs up from Eric because they have such a clean kitchen.
They even took him back there once so he could see for himself! 

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