Wichitas with Chinese Friends
February 15, 2014

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We enjoyed a lovely Saturday in the Wichita Mountains Wildlife Refuge with a big group of fun friends. 
 David on top of Mt. Scott Rui - reaching into the fire for the newly-discovered delicacy of 
roasted Pringles.  They tell me they taste great.

  Eric, teaching Michael the basics of knife throwing - essential skills! 

  Isaac - happy to have his hamburger

Everyone enjoyed chow time
 Now that's a hamburger!  XiaoXing knows how to do it up right.  
Now it's time to walk off those burgers in the Charons Garden area  And we're off!
 We stayed in a tight formation at first. Then we got a little more spread out.
Now it appears we're dragging too far behind! Beautiful couple - Edison and XiaoXing  
 The guys gave each other a hard time almost constantly.
Heading up to the waterfall.  There isn't much water now, 
but it was still nice.
 Michael the explorer David the conqueror
 Simba the cool dude with Eric the guide  Shawnna the happy
 Goofing off Rui, looking all GQ 
 Happy couple Simba on the move
 Here Eric gives a cactus safety lesson  Edison reads the droppings, telling us it was a pregnant female deer 
 Scrambling up the hillside Eric was harassing Simba and having a lot of fun with it.

He also can't resist a boulder problem.  
David has the climbing bug too!
He always has to be on top of the tallest stuff around.  
 Edison, stealing the scene Rui says, "Nothing to see here!"  
 The boys preparing snow balls which they threw at Edison Poor Edison!  Their snowballs pierced him in the heart.
Famous rock formation in the area called, "Pear & Apple." I guess 
we were looking at it from behind because it looks like "Apple & Pear."
A network of caves created by giant fallen boulders.
We ran into Eric's climbing friend Ryan there. Eric glowing in a beam of light.  This is how he appears to me
all the time. J
The frozen waterfall was a popular photo opportunity - Rui Simba
 Michael XiaoXing
 Isaac (YunLong)  Michael holds up the boulder so that we can escape safely
 David - king of the mountain Edison plays it cool
 On the LONG hike out, here we are taking a break to pick 
 cactus needles from XiaoXing's pants
 Having a good time, despite being tired.
 Isaac says "Peace Out"   My favorite part of the park is the Prairie Dog town
Poor Eric can't drive past it, I always have to stop to look at them. Everyone enjoying the Prairie Dogs

We decided to do another hike to allow Eric & David to do a little climbing.  This is a lovely shot of the 40-Foot Hole area.

Pretty girl in some pretty scenery.
  Eric climbed laps until he was tired.
 Eric making an awkward move  David taking a turn

Enjoying a friendly dog back at the parking lot

Artistic shot of a longhorn (OK, I just blurred it, but let's call it artistic.) 



Beautiful sunset


We didn't see much wildlife, but we drove by these longhorns
on the way out.  


The sunset just kept getting more and more beautiful.



Scenes from dinner at Fisherman's Cove 

   Great trip!! 

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