Wichita Mountains Outing
February 2019

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On a particularly warm day in February, we decided to go to the Wichita Mountains for some hiking, rock climbing, and sight-seeing.  Eric, Buddy and I were joined by our friends Eric H., as well as our Taiwanese buddies Mavis & Yen, who are always ready for an adventure.  It was a very nice day and a good experience for everyone. 

Eric, setting up the anchor for top-rope climbing. 

 Hitting the trail.  (It was a very short hike!)   

It takes a lot of gear to climb a rock! 

Mavis is awesome at group selfies!   

The view to the left was the stream below.  Buddy was so happy to be out in nature! 

The view to our right was this nice waterfall area.   
 Buddy, master of all that he surveys. Also, Buddy is in charge of watching out for Eric to make sure he stays safe.  

Mavis & Yen, enjoying nature. 

 Here I catch a goofy grin on Buddy's face - he loves rock climbing just like the Erics do!   

Here's Buddy, immediately after he fell into the water.  He ran over to Eric's back pack
to do his shaking off.  He knows Eric loves to have the smell of wet dog added to the 
"used climbing shoe" smell of his backpack.  

Eric doesn't like me to take pictures of him on top-rope, so I'm only sharing one.   

Doing a little exploring with Mavis & Yen
Buddy still growls at Mavis when she pets him, but only for a little while - then she wins him over!   
 Guarding the gear Eric, finding a comfy way to belay.
 Eric H is so flexible that he doesn't even realize he does these crazy moves sometimes.  Buddy, getting ready to recross the area where he just fell in a little while ago.  
 Yen making his first rock climb. I love to catch that, "I can't believe I'm still alive" smile that everyone gets after their first climb! 
 Mavis on her first climb, she was fierce!   Pausing to take a look at the view, and rest her hands a bit. 
There's her "happy to be alive" smile, it's a good one!  Eric & Mavis, rock climbers. 
Next we did some sight-seeing, which always has to include the Prairie Dog Town. We also saw some buffalo grazing around.
 Unfortunately, I could get the settings right on my camera to get the shot I wanted.
 Just trust me, that's a buffalo behind them! 
Visitor center in evening light
 One last shot at the visitor center before we take our tired selves back to OKC.   

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