Wichitas Camping Trip
March 17 - 18, 2017

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Eric and Kraig wanted to climb on Saturday the 18th of March, so we decided to go on Friday night to camp together.  We found a very nice, quiet spot which was relaxing and lovely.  That is, until the troop of Boy Scouts arrived from Texas - just at bed time.  It was more like being in the center of a teenage hurricane after that, but we managed to enjoy ourselves nonetheless. I hope the Boy Scouts did too, it sounded like they had a blast! 
 Eric offering smart remarks as Kraig sets up his tent Fire up that cooker, grill-master! 
 Deep thoughts by Lake Lawtonka Lovely sunset

The Boy Scouts have just arrived, we have no idea what we're in for! 
  The sunset progresses
   A nearby family recruited Eric to show them how to build a fire.  Boy, did they ask the correct person! 
 Besties - Kraig & Eric, ready to get out of there and start climbing  

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