Camping in the Wichitas
September 21, 2013

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My Eric, Eric Harris, and Simba had a great day of rock climbing in the Wichita Mountains one September Saturday, then I joined them that evening for a cookout and camping.  We had to leave crazy early the next morning because I had volunteer duty at church, but we enjoyed ourselves nonetheless.  It was great! 

Here I play with my camera and catch one of the geese as it flaps its wings.

 Trying to capture the beautiful sunset.  

The bird in this shot only showed up nicely in black & white



Hungry climbers, working frantically to get the food cooked before it gets dark.

 Two hamburgers (or more!) later, everyone is happy. Eric C and Simba look on as Eric H appears to go up in flames.
Don't worry, it's a trick of the light.  His pants were not on fire.

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